HVAC Financing for everyone!

At Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning in Murphysboro, IL, we understand that not everyone is in the position to pay for something like new heating and cooling equipment at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, equipment does not wait until you have funds available. Due to this, we offer multiple financing options – including a rent-to-own option – that cover the range of homeowners’ needs. Through our relationships with Wells Fargo, OneMain, and Microf, we’ve made sure that no matter what your situation is, you can get the HVAC financing you require to get the home comfort you deserve.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a well-known lender that has been providing financial services for over 160 years. Your Home Comfort Advisor can help you complete an application in a short amount of time, meaning Wells Fargo can get your project funded quickly. Wells Fargo offers multiple tiered options that will help satisfy most any situation. Wells Fargo financing is available with approved credit.

Your Home Comfort Advisor can assist you in applying.

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OneMain Financial

Since 1920 OneMain Financial has been helping people buy the products and services they need. They specialize in quick and easy personal loans for individuals who have trouble getting assistance from other institutions. With over 10 million customers financed and almost 100 years in business, OneMain Financial has experience in getting you funds when you need them.

To apply, have your basic financial information ready and call them at 800-961-5577. Or, follow the link below and fill out an online application. When asked, be sure to say that Heartland sent you.

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Microf Rent-to-Own

The rent-to-own industry has been a growing trend for many years now, but up until this point heating and cooling equipment has missed out. Now, however, Microf has risen to remedy that. Offering a hasle-free option that provides unmatched flexibility, Microf requires no down payment and no credit check as well as money-saving discounts such as Early Payoff and a Homeowner’s Insurance Discount. Microf can have your project funded in as little as 24 hours.

You can apply for Microf rent-to-own financing directly through one of Heartland’s Home Comfort Advisors.

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