Heartland Heating and Air has been one of the most trusted heating and cooling repair companies in the Carbondale area since 1946.  Family owned and operated for over 70 years, Heartland repairs all makes and models of heating and cooling systems and offers 24/7 emergency service. Nobody likes having to make repairs to their heating and cooling systems, but we are here to ensure that you can count on having a comfortable home or business year-round.

Heating and Cooling Repair Services

Our licensed, trained, and experienced HVAC technicians have seen it all.  Unfortunately, no HVAC system is immune to repairs.  Some systems last much longer than others and can go years with seemingly no problems, but at some point, they will need some work done.  Just like any other machine with moving parts that works year-round, a little maintenance is required from time to time and will go a long way to the longevity of the machine.

In a place like the midwest where we can experience very cold and long winters, and scorching hot summers, dependable heating and cooling systems are crucial.  Often times, these systems break down when they are working the hardest to keep your home or business cool or warm.  In Illinois, that’s usually the majority of the year.  We don’t have the luxury of having 6 straight months of 70-degree weather like some places.

Central Air Repair

Usually the most common type of AC repair we perform.

Ductless Mini Split Repair

Becoming increasingly popular as people are aiming to cool specific areas of their home or business.

Furnace Repair Service

Heartland services all furnace makes and models.
heating and cooling repair

Gas Furnace Repair

More common than electric furnaces these days, our technicians are experienced in all kind of gas furnace malfunctions to help repair the issue as quickly as possible.

Electric Furnace Repair

Because electric furnaces often times malfunction due to electrical problems, it is important to have a licensed HVAC technician take a look at any problems.

Residential Boiler Repair Service

These can be very difficult to repair, but our technicians are ready to tackle any problem while being well-trained in home boiler technology.

Window Air Conditioner Repair

Also referred to as “window units”.  Most repairs to window units are due to dirt and debris clogging the machine.

Air Duct Repair

Inefficiency in your duct system could be costing you money and performance in effectively cooling your home.

When To Call For Repairs

Sometimes it can be obvious when something is wrong with your HVAC systems.  Before you call for help, be sure to double-check that your thermostat is receiving power and if it is battery operated, try a new set of batteries first.

Look, if it’s the middle of summer and your air conditioner is blowing warm air, it’s probably time for AC repair.  The same goes for a heating system blowing cool air in the winter.  These are about as obvious of signs as you will get.  Another sign can be unusual noises coming from your outdoor condenser or furnace.  Banging, buzzing, clanking, clicking, humming, squealing, screaming or rattling is usually not a good sound to hear.  This can be a (sometimes loud) indicator that something is wrong.

Keep an eye on your energy/utility bills as well.  If you are getting worse energy efficiency and more expensive bills than usual, have a technician come and take a look at your units.  There could simply be a leak or filter issue that is costing you money.

Short-cycling can cost you money and be an indicator of needed repairs too.  In short, short-cycling is when your unit is continually turning on and off.  This can cause damage to the system and turn a simple repair into a full-on replacement.

If something just doesn’t seem right with your heating or cooling, don’t hesitate to have a professional take a look just in case.  It’s better to perform a quick repair than to have to replace an entire system because a small problem was neglected for too long.

24/7 Emergency Heating and Cooling Services offered in Carbondale & Surrounding Areas

Unfortunately, air conditioners and heating systems don’t always pick the most convenient times to need repairs or replacement.  Regardless of the time of day, our HVAC technicians are here to help.  Give us a call at (618) 684-4328 and we will have a professional technician at your doorstep as fast as possible.

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Best of Heating and Cooling Companies In Carbondale

Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning is an A+ BBB rated HVAC repair company.  Our experienced technicians are prepared to provide you with 5-star service 24/7.  If you are in need of any heating or cooling repair services, don’t hesitate to call us.  If you service call leads to needing new AC installation, the diagnostic fees will be waived.  Our repair rates are transparent and we will not start repairing your unit without your consent on our pricing.