Prepare for Winter with Fall Furnace Maintenance

Even though Southern Illinois has a wonky seasonal calendar, winter will be upon us before we realize it. It seems that here, in Southern Illinois, one day it’s a nice breezy fall day and then the next, we’re bundled up in our winter coats trying to de-ice our walkways. 

We’ve mentioned before that seasonal upgrades and cleanings are ways to keep your furnace and air conditioner in great working order. Without check-ups and inspections, your systems are vulnerable to extreme wear and tear which causes higher electricity bills and less money in your pockets.

So, before calling one of our HVAC specialists at Heartland Heating and Air, try some of these fixes at home. Before you try any of these fixes, please make sure that you’ve turned off the electricity. This can be done by switching your electric to “off” in your breaker box.

1. Replace Old Air Filters

We’ve spoken about this a lot in past blogs, explaining why clean air filters are so important in your furnace and air conditioner’s functioning. Imagine the drain in your kitchen sink. Water flows through that drain and down the pipes easily every day. After months of scraping food off your plate and washing your dishes, bacteria and filth start to back up, making it harder for the water to flow. After a while, you’ve got a clogged drain. This is pretty much what happens with a dirty air filter. As dirt and grime build up in your filters, it gets harder and harder for clean air to pass through. Replacing your old air filters with new ones opens up the air flow in your home so you’re able to breathe clean, fresh air.

2. Clean Floor Vents

Now that you’ve got fresh air flowing through your filters, it’s best to check the floor vents to make sure that there’s no dust or dirt getting blown out with that fresh air. Try removing the cover and your vents, then using the hose attachment to your vacuum. This will suck out any dirt or debris left in the vents.

3. Check Nooks and Crannies

The ductwork on your system will eventually crack and lose structure as it ages. Any cracks in this framework can cause a multitude of problems like bad air quality, clogged filters, hot and cold spots in the home, and higher energy bills. Buy some mastic sealant or metal tape from your local hardware store to fix any damage.

If you’re not quite sure how to do this and you’re willing to try, watch the video below for some tips:

If you still feel you need more furnace care, always contact a specialist. The HVAC specialists at Heartland Heating and Air are available to answer any questions you may have regarding your furnace. Remember, getting small problems fixed early is an easy way to enjoy the upcoming winter months.