Boilers and Radiant Heat in Southern Illinois

Boilers are a preferred source of heat in many Southern Illinois homes.Radiant heat has been a reliable and comfortable heat source in homes for decades: in-fact some home owners still have their decades-old boilers running like little champs. Some owners with experience with both types of systems actually prefer radiant heat to forced air heat!

Many homes use radiant heaters in each room to distribute the heat throughout their home. A more modern method often seen in areas like basements, garages, workshops and bathrooms, is in-floor radiant heat. In these cases the pipes carrying the boiler-produced steam or water boiler are placed in the floor, causing the floor itself to be the heater. To keep from burning toes, in-floor heat usually runs around a nice even 70 degrees. Just enough to get a perfect room temperature without risking injury to bare feet.

Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning in Murphysboro, IL installs and services a wide variety of boiler products and distribution systems, new and old.


Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is an industry standard for comparing the fuel efficiency of boilers and other heating systems. Written as a percentage, a larger number means a more efficient boiler. This rating is often portrayed as how much money is going out a vent pipe instead of heating the home. For example, with a 90% system, $0.10 of every dollar spent on fuel goes out the vent. Of course this means that a system with a higher AFUE rating will provide more effective use of the money you put toward heating your home.

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