Ductless Split Systems

Ductless Split Systems in Southern Illinois

Ductless split systems are gaining popularity fast.The next big thing in home comfort! Ductless split systems offer all the comfort of a traditional air conditioning or heat pump split system, just without all that duct work. Easy to install and highly efficient, this new breed of home comfort product is gaining popularity fast. Save time and money on maintenance by eliminating the need for duct cleaning.

The mini-split is just like its big brothers, just more focused. Coming in both air conditioner (cooling only) and heat pump (heating and cooling) options, a mini-split is a great idea for an add-on or bonus room when the rest of the home already has a climate system in place and the you don’t want to add a lot of additional ductwork or modify your current system. This new breed of home comfort equipment is highly efficient and easy to install, meaning lower costs to you.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a value that is used to determine an air conditioner or heat pump’s ability to convert electrical energy into cooling for your home. The greater the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the equipment is. Also, since SEER is an industry-wide standard, it can be used to confidently compare different makes and models. Due to consistently advancing government regulations, the minimum SEER condenser produced for residential applications in the USA is a 13 SEER. This has been revised up from a SEER rating of 10, and has been rising almost yearly as regulations strive for more energy-conscious homes.

HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

A Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is a rating used to quantify the heating efficiency of heat pumps. This rating is only used to measure the heating performance of a heat pump, while the cooling season is measured by the SEER value. Like with the SEER value though, the higher the HSPF, the more energy-efficient the equipment is. This translates into energy bill savings. As with many HVAC ratings, HSPF is an average over an entire heating season, including the times the equipment is performing operations other than heating, such as its defrost cycle.


Every system, no matter how small, still uses a refrigerant to transfer heat. With Carrier equipment that means Puron™. In 1993 Carrier developed Puron™, a non-CFC refrigerant (an ozone depleting compound) as a replacement for the damaging refrigerants used in the past. Carrier is the industry leader in ozone friendly air conditioners and heat pumps, whether they be with or without ducts. Each and every model of Carrier ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are use Puron. The Earth could use more friends like Carrier!

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