Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Southern Illinois

We provide geothermal heating and cooling systems to Southern Illinois.Geothermal heat pump systems are one of the top players in the green home game. They take advantage of the consistent temperatures found in the earth itself to provide efficient cooling and heating for your home. Geothermal systems work in much the same way as heat pumps in split systems. Instead of using the open air though, they instead utilize loops buried in the earth, or laid in a pond or well where the temperature stays much more constant year-round. Geothermal units are an up-front investment, but the payoff is a substantially reduced cost of air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. Not only do these systems help save you money, their high efficiencies also mean they are one of the most eco-friendly options available.

Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning in Murphysboro, IL has experience installing geothermal systems of every size and type. We have placed systems in smaller single-family homes, as well as small businesses, community schools and large corporations. Unlike more traditional systems, geothermal requires special considerations due to the loops that must be installed. For this reason it is best to work closely with a Home Comfort Advisor when deciding whether this type of heating and cooling option is best for you.


SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is an industry standard form of quantifying geothermal heat pump’s ability to convert electricity into cooling for your home. The higher the SEER value, the more efficient the equipment is. Since SEER is an industry standard, it can be used to compare different models not only within Carrier’s product line, but also with its competitors. Due to continually evolving government regulations, the minimum SEER rated condenser produced for residential applications in the USA is 13 SEER. This has been revised up from 10 SEER, and has been steadily rising as regulations strive for more energy-efficient homes.

HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

The Heating Season Performance Factor is an industry standard method of measuring the performance of heat pump systems during their heating season. The HSPF is a ratio that compares the actual BTU output of the system to the amount of electricity it uses. As with most HVAC industry ratings, a higher HSPF is better.


Geothermal systems are truly a lot like more traditional sources of heating and cooling than most realize. They still require a refrigerant to move heat to and from pieces of equipment. That means Carrier geothermal products also use the environmentally friendly refrigerant Puron™. Carrier led the way with a non-CFC refrigerant (an ozone depleting compound) in 1993, years before it was federally mandated to do so.

30% Federal Tax Credit

A tax-paying homeowner who installs a geothermal heat pump system may claim a credit of 30% of the qualified cost for the system. Costs include labor charges for installation of the equipment and for piping or wiring to connect a system to your home. This means that nearly your entire cost for installing a new geothermal system will be reimbursed by 30%. If the federal tax credit is more than what you will actually owe, the excess amount may be carried forward to the next taxable year. For more information see the Department of Energy website.

Carrier Geothermal Products Available from Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning