Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps and Hybrid Heat™ in Southern Illinois

Heat and cool your home in Southern Illinois with one of our heat pumps.With their somewhat misleading name, many people do not realize that heat pumps actually provide cooling as well as heating. During the warm months a heat pump does the job of a more traditional air conditioner, and just as effectively. A heat pump split system will then also provide an effective means of heating your home when the cooler months come around.

Carrier® provides some of the highest-efficiency air-source heat pumps available. Their Infinity® Heat Pump with Greenspeed™ Intelligence offers a top-of-the line 21 SEER cooling rating as well as an industry-leading 13 HSPF heating capability. Couple that with an advanced control system and a unique, variable-speed compressor, and you have one of the most efficient units on the market. Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning has been installing these ultra-efficient models since they were released and is proud to help more and more homeowners live a more energy-conscious lifestyle.

Heat pumps in general are a huge step up from heating your home with electric resistance heat, but when paired with a gas furnace, they provide the best cost-conscious option: dual-fuel Hybrid Heat™. Ask your Home Comfort Advisor about how a Carrier Hybrid Heat system can lower your monthly heating bill and give you total control of your costs.

Already have a heat pump, but it’s in need of repair? We service equipment as well as install it! Contact us and we’ll ensure your system is running as it should.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the measure of a heat pump’s ability to convert electricity into cooling for your home. The higher the SEER of a piece of equipment, the more efficient it is. Furthermore, SEER is an industry standard, so it can be used to compare different models within Carrier’s product line, and also with its competitors. The federal government has put regulations in place that set a standard of efficiency for heating and cooling equipment. The current minimum SEER condenser produced for residential applications in the USA is 13 SEER. This has been raised from 10 SEER, and has been steadily rising as regulations make a push for more energy-efficient homes.

HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is the measurement used to gauge the heating efficiency of heat pumps. As the name implies, this rating is used only to measure the heating performance of a heat pump. The higher the HSPF, the more energy-efficient the equipment is, which translates into savings on energy bills. Like many HVAC industry ratings, HSPF is an average of an entire season, including the times the equipment is performing operations other than heating, such as its defrost cycle.


Carrier not only led the way with modern heating and cooling equipment, they also set the standard for an environmentally friendly refrigerant. With Puron™, Carrier created a non-CFC refrigerant (an ozone depleting compound) in 1993, well before it was required to do so. Carrier is the industry leader in ozone friendly heat pumps. Each and every model of Carrier heat pump is available as a Puron model. The ozone could use more friends like Carrier!

Carrier Heat Pumps and Hybrid Heat

Carrier heat pumps and gas furnaces can be utilized together to create a Carrier Hybrid Heat™ system. These types of systems use electricity as the primary fuel by employing the heat pump as the heat source for the majority of the winter. When temperatures outside fall below the point where the heat pump can keep up, the gas furnace is engaged to provide the heat needed to maintain the desired temperature in the home. This allows for a greater percentage of heat for your home to be derived from the electric heat pump, and avoids the electric resistance heat that is typically used as a backup with heat pump systems. Electric is normally the less expensive utility in winter months, but generally electric resistance heat is far less efficient than a gas-burning furnace. Most importantly it allows YOU to have control over which utility you use as the primary heat source for your home. If electric rates rise, we can adjust your Hybrid Heat system to use the gas furnace more, and the electric heat pump less. When gas prices go up, we can do the opposite.

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