Thermostats & Controls

Wi-Fi™ Thermostats for Southern Illinois

Shop our Wi-Fi™ enabled thermostats to get precise control of your home.All the cooling in the world means nothing if you can’t turn the system on! Often overlooked when considering a new HVAC system, the thermostat and its controls brethren are important pieces of the puzzle. A programmable thermostat can save you money monthly by reducing the time your system runs when you’re not home.

The next generation of thermostats, including Carrier’s Infinity® Touch and Côr™ thermostats, are feature-rich and offer new ways to improve the comfort of your home. Control the temperature of your home remotely from your smartphone or check to make sure your furnace is still running while away on winter vacation with a Wi-Fi™ enabled thermostat. You can even see local weather forecasts or track your actual energy usage.

Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning can also assist you in setting up a zoning system, allowing you precise control over each section of your home. Unused portions can be set to use less energy or basements can be set to receive more heating than upstairs. Precise control means greater comfort.

For those interested in home automation, Carrier is making a push to position your climate system as an integral part of the equation.

Carrier Control Products Available from Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning