New Construction

Heating and Cooling in Southern Illinois

Building a new home?  Trust your heating and cooling to us.

So you are building a new home. You know you want it heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, but you are unsure which of the variety of options available are best for your project. That’s what our experienced crew is here for. We can help you decide what equipment and setup will work best for your situation, as well as design a layout for your full HVAC system.

Full heat load calculations using the ACCA-standard Manual-J will ensure the right equipment is used for the situation. Few things can be worse than spending the time and money to build a new home, only to find that the furnace can’t keep up during the dead of winter! By performing ACCA-approved Manual-D calculations, we will do all the number crunching for you to make sure that the ductwork we install is the right solution for your home, preventing “cold corner syndrome” before it rears its ugly head.

We can design your heating and cooling system according to your plans.Even if you already have plans prepared, Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning can help ensure your design will suit your needs. We will then provide the highest-quality installation available, including any equipment, ductwork, and piping required to keep your building comfortable year-round.

Contact one of our Home Comfort Advisors today and have them assist you in building that dream home!