Heating and Cooling Replacement in Southern Illinois

Heating and cooling can be cheaper with a newer system.A high quality HVAC system can last the better part of 15 years. At a certain point though, the costs of repairing a broken piece of equipment can surpass that of a full system replacement.

Even if the equipment is working right now, investing in a new, higher-efficiency system can pay for itself in a few short years. After it pays for itself, enjoy the lower energy bills and recovered income. Add to that a brand new warranty that will help protect your system for numerous years to come and the replacement of your heating or cooling system can be one of the better investments you can make to increase the value of your home while also reinforcing your piece of mind.

We realize that getting all the information you need to make an informed decision is the first step in the process of replacing your equipment. Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning makes an effort to inform our clients to the best of our ability. As such we regularly post useful tips, tricks and insight on our blog, freely available to anyone.

For those factors that go beyond the scope of a typical homeowner, our experts are here to help. Getting a new piece of equipment is more than just reading an equipment tag and matching the size. For that reason we will dispatch one of our Home Comfort Advisors to your home in order to provide a free estimate. Our Advisor will do a full heat load calculation on your home to ensure we replace your system with the right piece of equipment for your situation. Things such as abnormal drafts, hot/cold spots, moisture issues or noisy ducts will be checked first-hand and your Home Comfort Advisor will include you in every step so you know you are getting the solution tailored to your home.

Thinking you might be able to get away with some repairs instead of going all-in with new equipment? Use our handy form to see what your next step should be.