About Heartland Heating & Air

Norman A. Williams founded the company in 1946 after returning from serving in the U.S Navy during WWII. Originally known as Norman Williams Refrigeration, the company was operated as a small family-owned sales and service company for 25 years in downtown Murphysboro, Illinois. Eventually, the business changed its name to Williams Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. (WAC).

After attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Norman’s son, Ted Williams, joined the company in 1972. As the market for residential and commercial air-conditioning grew, so did the company. In 1985, the offices and sheet metal shops were relocated from downtown Murphysboro to their current locations. That same year Norman Williams retired, and Ted Williams assumed the role of President and CEO.

The company experienced significant growth during the mid-1980s and early 1990s. As operational space became a limiting factor to future growth, it was decided to move the residential division to a separate building. For several years, WAC operated with separate divisions working out of different locations. In 1999, it was decided to incorporate the commercial division as a separate company; thus, Heartland Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (HMC) was born.

As HMC continued to grow, Ted realized the need to narrow his focus in order to continue providing the quality of service HMC and WAC were known for. In 2005, Ted sold the residential arm of the company, WAC, so that each division could have its own team, focusing more directly on their customers. After several years of operating as completely independent companies, Williams Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. was brought back under the wing of Heartland Mechanical Contractors and re-branded as Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning in 2013.

In the summer of 2020, Mr. William’s approached JW Huppert, a family friend, and seasoned plumber, about purchasing Heartland. Mr. Huppert graduated from Murphysboro High School and soon entered the training program at Plumbers & Pipefitters UA Local #160. JW went on to work in water and sewer main replacement, later in residential plumbing, and then as a state plumber to local correctional facilities. In March of 2020, JW and his wife Jaclyn decided to start a small-town plumbing business, Huppert Plumbing. Mr. Williams saw the potential in JW to continue the Heartland legacy. Quickly after the two met, the idea grew that Heartland Heating and Air could expand and add plumbing. The experience and determination have allowed Mr. Williams and Mr. Huppert to establish Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing in January of 2021.

Heartland continues to be a leader in both commercial and residential HVAC services throughout the Southern Illinois region.  If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, give us a call today at (618) 634-4328 or submit an online request using the shortcuts below.