Murphysboro, Illinois can get extremely cold during the winter months. The average winter temperatures during the day range from 30 to 45 degrees, and at night, the average temperature hovers between 25 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. As a homeowner, you want to ensure your furnace is reliable, as it helps to keep your home warm and ensures your family remains comfortable and safe. Heartland Heating, Air, Plumbing is committed to helping you ensure your furnace is reliable. 

Furnace Services Heartland Offers

In an effort to ensure your furnace is reliable and able to keep your home warm on the days you need it, Heartland offers a number of furnace services. Read on to learn more about the various services we offer and the importance of each one. 

Furnace Tune Up

It is recommended that you have a furnace tune up at least once per year. Most heating and cooling experts recommend that you have the unit tuned up in the fall before your unit will be used during the cold months. Tuning up your furnace helps to ensure that it operates efficiently and is ready to be used for the winter. 

Furnace Repair

A furnace repair is needed when the furnace has an issue. Some of the signs that your furnace may need a repair include strange noises, the unit not producing enough heat or any heat at all, or short cycling. 

Furnace Installation

A furnace does not last forever. In fact, most have an estimated lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. When your furnace is no longer dependable and reliable, it may be time to replace it. Contact Heartland for professional furnace installation services.



What Are the Most Common Furnace Issues?

There are a number of reasons why your furnace may not be working properly. Some of the most common issues with furnaces are:

  • A clogged filter
  • Pilot light issues 
  • A cracked heat exchanger
  • Thermostat issues
  • Strange sounds coming from the unit
  • The furnace not effectively heating your home

Our service technicians are trained to quickly diagnose your furnace problems. Once the problem has been diagnosed, a technician will give you an estimate for repairs and explain any repair or replacement options that might be available to you. This helps you make an informed decision on how to best deal with the furnace problems you may be encountering.

How Can You Tell if Your Furnace Needs Routine Maintenance or a Repair?

Most of the time, your furnace will give you some signs that something is amiss before they stop working altogether. This gives you time to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance or repairs, as long as you know what those signs are. Some of the most common signs that your furnace needs routine maintenance or repair are: 

Your Monthly Energy Bills Are Increasing

Running a furnace raises your energy bill. However, if the bill seems excessive or is increasing during the winter months, your furnace may not be operating efficiently. Having the unit tuned up can help it to be as energy-efficient as possible. 

Loud or Odd Noises Coming From Your Vents or Furnace Chamber

Your furnace should not sound spooky or creepy. If you hear any odd or loud noises coming from the furnace chamber or your vents, including banging, clanking, grinding, or squeaking, your furnace likely needs a repair. 

Uneven Heating in Your Home

Your furnace should heat your home fairly evenly. One room should not feel overly warmer or colder than another room. If you notice that the heat in your home is spotty or inconsistent, it is time to call in a furnace repair company. 

Cold Air Coming Out of Your Vents

One of the most obvious signs that you may need furnace repair is having cold air coming out of your vents. Your furnace should be heating your home, not cooling it. 

Furnace Blower Fan Is Constantly Running

The furnace blower fan blows the hot air the furnace produces into the ventilation system in your home. The fan may run for a minute or so after the rest of the furnace shuts down, but should shut down shortly thereafter. If yours is constantly running, it needs to be repaired. 

Furnace Is Cycling On and Off Frequently

A furnace that is cycling on and off frequently will start, shut down, start, shut down and continue on this cycle. It causes undue wear to the heating appliance and should not happen. A professional should be called in to determine what the issue is and how to stop it from happening.  

The Pilot Light Is Burnt Out

The final sign that you need furnace repair is that the pilot light is burnt out. A professional can determine why the light is burnt out, repair the problem and reignite the light.



Call Heartland for Furnace Repair and Maintenance Service

Keep the cold out of your home. Call Heartland today to schedule an appointment for furnace installation, furnace repair, or furnace tune up services.