That heavy, damp feeling you feel all summer long isn’t from the heat, it’s from the humidity. Humidity is the amount of water in the air, and the higher the temperature, the more water the air can hold. That’s why a 90-degree day can feel much more humid than a 70-degree day. The summers in Murphysboro, IL can be excruciatingly humid, and if you look for relief from the humidity inside your home, you might need a dehumidifier to help you out.

A whole house dehumidifier can help your air conditioner fight high humidity levels which can damage your home and lead to health issues. Keep comfortable this summer, and call Heartland Mechanical about a whole house dehumidifier today.

How Does a Whole House Dehumidifier Work?

Dehumidifiers work by filtering and cooling the air which turns the humidity inside into condensation. The condensation accumulates and turns into liquid that is collected in a tank. Individual room dehumidifiers need to have their tanks emptied, while a whole house dehumidifier drains into the sump pump.

Your home’s air conditioner should remove some of the humidity from the air, but if your air conditioner is older or too big for your house, it might not dehumidify your home effectively. That's when you might choose to invest in a whole-house dehumidifier instead of installing a new air conditioning system.


Signs Your Home Needs a Whole House Dehumidifier


Many people opt for individual room dehumidifiers to just remove the moisture from their basements to prevent moisture from spreading, and you might think that's enough. However, if your home does not have a basement, or you notice the following issues in your home outside of your basement, you may want to consider a whole-house dehumidifier:


On a humid day, you may see condensation outside of your windows. That’s normal. It’s when you see the accumulation of condensation inside your home is when it's an issue. This moisture can seep into your windows and ruin the seal, creating drafts in your home. If you see any moisture accumulation on windows or walls, get a rag and wipe it off immediately as moisture can accumulate and promote mold growth.


That sticky, heavy feeling that you feel outside during the humid summer months in Murphysboro, IL should stay outside of your home. If you feel still sticky inside when the air conditioning is running, then your home is suffering from high humidity. A high humidity level is usually considered above 60%.


Be sure to run your exhaust fans in your bathroom when you’re showering and in the kitchen when you’re boiling water. Kitchens and bathrooms are often the most moist rooms in the house because this is where people use large quantities of water the most.


If you notice damp spots in your basement, try to mop them up if you can. Then, monitor the spots to see if they grow back. Because basements are below the ground, moisture from outside can sometimes seep in.


Mold loves to grow in dark, moist places. When you notice mold growing on walls, you’ll want to take care of it right away. Try to kill the mold with chemical cleaners, and then try to find the source of the mold.


Benefits of Whole House Dehumidifier Systems

If you’ve noticed moisture issues in your home, a whole house dehumidifier can stop the spread of moisture and make your home much more comfortable. 

Eliminates Mold and Mildew Growth

Many times, if you see mold growing in your home, it's only the tip of the iceberg. If there is mold and mildew growing inside your walls, a whole house dehumidifier can help prevent mold from spreading more without replacing your drywall. 

Lowers Humidity Levels

When you home is less humid, that sticky, heavy feeling goes away. You’ll notice that your home is now a safe retreat from the intense summer weather. 

Saves on Energy Costs

When the humidity in your home is at the proper levels, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to dehumidify your home. This will save you on cooling costs in the long run. 

Extends the Life of Your HVAC System

When your air conditioning unit has to work less hard to keep your home comfortable, it removes stress from the system. This relieved stress keeps your HVAC system healthy. Healthy systems tend to last longer than a strained, overworked system. So you may get more years out of your air conditioning unit when you have a whole house dehumidifier installed. 

Better Sleep

Trying to sleep on humid nights is the worst. Not only are you uncomfortable because all of the blankets are sticking to you, you don’t sleep as well overall. With less humidity in the house, your bed is a comfortable oasis again. You’ll notice a better night's sleep when you aren’t humid at night. 


Whole-House Dehumidifier Services in Murphysboro, Illinois

If you currently have a dehumidifier, but aren't sure if it's working properly, talk to Heartland. We can provide service to make sure it's working effectively to improve indoor air quality and cut down on excess moisture in your home, or replace your current dehumidifier with a new one if needed.

Dehumidifier Installation

Now that you're aware of the signs of excess moisture, it's time to consider installing a dehumidifier in your home. Call Heartland for quality installation services to start protecting your home from damage and poor air quality.

Dehumidifier Repair

If your Carbondale area home is currently equipped with a dehumidifier, but you notice that your cooling bills have started spiking, it could be an issue with your dehumidifier. Heartland can provide quality dehumidifier service to repair your system. These systems last around 8 years, and if yours is much older than that, our technicians can give you an honest report if you need to replace your dehumidifier or if repairs will improve its performance.

Dehumidifier Maintenance

Your dehumidifier will have an air filter, just like your HVAC system. This air filter needs to be cleaned regularly. A dehumidifier will also have a water basin that should also be emptied on occasion. Your dehumidifier may have lights on it to indicate when these maintenance tasks should be performed. You can also count on Heartland for dehumidifier service during your annual furnace or air conditioning maintenance to keep your dehumidifier running smoothly and ready for the upcoming cooling season.


Call Heartland Mechanical For Dehumidifier Services

Moisture in your home can promote mold growth, which can make you and your family sick. Mold spores can circulate throughout your HVAC system and cause headaches, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms. Some molds can be toxic or can make you incredibly sick. It’s good to stop mold growth and improve the comfort of your home with a whole-house dehumidifier. The experienced technicians at Heartland Mechanical are here to help those in Murphysboro and Southern Illinois with their home moisture and humidity problems. Call us today to see how a whole-house dehumidifier could help you control high humidity levels in your home.