Commercial HVAC Services in Southern Illinois

Our trusty trucks allow us to provide quality HVAC services to Southern Illinois.At Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning in Murphysboro, IL, we not only take care of homeowners, we also provide HVAC services and equipment to light commercial owners and projects. Restaurants, small businesses, rental owners and apartment managers all trust Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure their business is comfortable for their customers. On top of the standard climate control system, many businesses have ice makers, freezers, coolers, and generators that all require regular upkeep as well. Our technicians are outfitted with the means and know-how to tackle whatever problems arise with these pieces of equipment and applications.

Heartland Mechanical Contractors has provided commercial HVAC services to Southern Illinois for almost 70 years.Going beyond our light commercial work, Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning is just the little sister to an even more robust commercial HVAC contractor. Heartland Mechanical Contractors handles many commercial and industrial projects such as schools, event centers and malls. Employing only union-quality sheet metal workers and pipe fitters, Heartland Mechanical Contractors has been a leader in quality and satisfaction since its inception nearly 70 years ago. They handle whole-building chiller systems, clean room filtration, greenhouse ventilation and a multitude of other projects that go beyond the standard heating and cooling.

Our commercial HVAC services can't be beat.Thanks to the flexibility and breadth of experience and knowledge our two divisions give us access to, Heartland Heating & Air Conditioning is capable of handling any project, whether it requires 2 tons or 200. If you are unsure which category your project fits into, feel free to contact us and we will help you find the best possible solution.

To learn more about our commercial division or see some of our commercial work visit Heartland Mechanical Contractors’ webpage at