When purchasing a new home, you’ll have a home inspection to find any potential issues around your house so you know what repairs you’ll need to make in the future. One thing that is not included in a normal home inspection is a sewer inspection. If your sewer line ever ruptures on your property, you are responsible for fixing it, not the town or the local water company. This can be very expensive, and can cost up to $300 per foot of repaired line. What is not expensive and can be done quickly is a sewer inspection from Heartland Mechanical.

Call Heartland Mechanical to have one of our professional plumbing technicians inspect your sewers. This service is much cheaper than replacing sewer lines, and gives you peace of mind which is invaluable. Contact Heartland Mechanical today to learn more about sewer inspections. 

What Does a Sewer Inspection Entail?

Sewers are gross, no question. But what’s even more gross is sewage on your lawn or in your basement because of a ruptured sewer line. When you call Heartland Mechanical for a sewer inspection at your Murphysboro home, we’ll bring along our state-of-the-art sewer scopes. We use a special camera to look into your sewer lines. A sewer scope is a camera attached to a flexible snake-like cable that is operated by the plumber. The sewer inspection process goes something like this:

  • The plumber pushes the camera head into the sewer. Bright lights on the camera head illuminate the interior, allowing the plumber to see every part of the pipe.

  • The camera transmits its image to a monitor for immediate viewing and recording for later viewing.

  • A radio transmitter embedded in the camera sends out a signal that can be detected with an electronic locating device to pinpoint the exact location of the line and depth from the surface so the plumber knows where to dig.

  • Then, the plumber diagnoses the issue and arranges for the best solution.



Benefits of Sewer Inspections

There are a lot of benefits this easy service can provide. Many Murphysboro homeowners appreciate having a sewer inspection done for the following reasons:

Ensure that the Issue is Addressed Properly

Once the issues in your sewer line have been found, your plumber will tell you what course of action you need to take next. Having a professional plumber guide you through the sewer repair process will ensure that the issues are fixed properly and won’t reoccur. 

Eliminate Guesswork

Common symptoms of sewer issues are a clogged drain or a clogged toilet in your plumbing system. You might hire plumbers or try DIY remedies to fix the clogs, but these solutions probably don’t last. If you have clogs in many drains in your Southern Illinois home, it’s worth having a sewer inspection so you aren’t wasting money with other remedies, and the fixes for your issues are discovered right away. 

Accurate Diagnosis

The experienced and local plumbers at Heartland Mechanical know the signs and the common causes of sewer issues. Once they see what’s going on inside your sewer lines for themselves, they’ll be able to connect you with the right professional plumbing services to get it fixed. 


Why Heartland Mechanical?

Heartland Mechanical is composed of a team of experienced professionals that specialize in a variety of home services. Heating, cooling, and plumbing are our bread and butter. Our technicians and plumbers are certified with the proper credentials to provide superior service to your home.

Heartland Mechanical was started because we wanted to work more directly with our customers to ensure their satisfaction with our services. We have many five-star reviews from happy customers all over the Murphysboro, IL area.  Our reviewers frequently praise our excellent customer service, quick response time, and transparent communication. Experience the difference when you call Heartland Mechanical for all your residential or commercial plumbing needs. 



Call Heartland Mechanical for Sewer Line Inspection Services in Murphysboro, IL

Sewer lines don’t ask for you permission to rupture or become clogged. It will always happen when you least expect it. If you notice plumbing problems such as drainage issues in your home, call Murphysboro, IL's most trusted plumbers at Heartland Mechanical for a sewer inspection. Gain peace of mind knowing that your new home’s sewer lines won’t cause you future issues, and schedule a plumbing inspection before you move in. Call Heartland Mechanical today to schedule your sewer inspection.