Air conditioning installation is a big decision for homeowners.  When someone is in the market for a new AC system, the two major decisions being made come down to:

  1. What type of AC brand or equipment am I looking to purchase?
  2. What company will I hire to install the equipment?

Almost all of the air conditioning brands today carry a high efficiency line that are comparable in price and performance.  Some a little bit better and more affordable than others, but all the AC manufacturers are within the same ballpark when it comes to cost and performance.  Choosing who to hire for air conditioning installation is a different story.  The quality of the work on an air conditioning installation will have a lasting impact on the performance of your AC unit, regardless of the quality and efficiency of the equipment.

Heartland Is An Experienced Air Conditioning Contractor Serving Carbondale and Southern Illinois

Having been in business over 70 years, Heartland Heating and Air has the experience to ensure your air conditioning installation will be installed properly.  Our air conditioning install teams pay close attention to detail when providing AC installation services for our customers.  We hire only the highest qualified AC installers and train them to provide master craftsmanship on home air conditioning installations.  All of our installers are certified, licensed and have participated in OSHA certified safety training.

AC Contractors That Take A Consulting Approach With Homeowners

From the moment you request a free AC estimate, to the time the equipment is installed, representatives from Heartland are committed to providing customers with all the necessary information in order for them to make the right decision for their home.  Our AC installation professionals educate customers on all the types of equipment we offer, as well as any current rebates and incentives they may qualify for.  Our goal is to provide value in the form of industry knowledge to maximize customer satisfaction.  We understand that as a homeowner, you have many choices on who you can hire to replace your AC unit, and we are committed to earning your business the right way.  When you work with Heartland Heating and Air, you can expect to be informed, not sold.
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Affordable Central Air Conditioner Installation

Price is often the first factor that customers research when entering the market for a new home air conditioner.  When providing a central air installation estimate, there are dozens of factors that go into the final price quote.  This is why Heartland offers free in-home estimates on all new AC installs.  Our air conditioner installation professionals evaluate and assess the infrastructure of your central air system to provide the most accurate affordable cost estimate for your home.  Each estimate comes equipped with a detailed scope of work and full transparent pricing.  Leaving you, the homeowner, with no surprises.

Signs You May Be In The Market For AC Installation Service

Having a new AC unit installed is often a purchase many homeowners put off until they absolutely need it.  Unfortunately, older air conditioners tend to break down during times of the year when you need it most.  Identifying symptoms of an air conditioner on the verge of failure has many benefits to consumers.  It allows you to not rush the process of replacing your AC unit, and often decreases the amount of time your home is without air conditioning.  Below are some tell-tale signs of an AC unit on it's last breath.

A Significant Decrease In Cold Air and Airflow Coming From Your HVAC Vents

This is often the most common sign among older air conditioners.  You will usually notice the temperature inside your home is hot, followed by checking your thermostat, only to realize it is set around 70 degrees, but is actually closer to 80.  Most will then walk to the closest vent only to realize the air coming out is not cold.  While this problem can often be fixed via an AC repair, it often makes more sense for homes with older air conditioners to consider replacement.

Noticeable Buildup Of Moisture Around The Condenser 

All air conditioners accumulate moisture to some degree.  If your AC unit is working properly and you notice some condensation on the outside condenser, don't worry.  However, if your air conditioner is under performing and you notice heavy moisture on the outside AC unit, there could be a problem with the equipment.  This is a common symptom of older AC units that are at the end of their life.

The Combination Of Lower Indoor Comfort With Higher Energy Bills

If increased energy bills do not directly correlate with increased indoor comfort, it can indicate that your AC system is no longer getting the job done.  When air conditioners begin to fail, they often cycle more often and for longer periods of time resulting an obscenely high energy costs.

Types Of Residential Air Conditioning Installation Services Heartland Provides the Carbondale Area

Heartland provides free installation and replacement estimates for every type of residential cooling system.  Our scope of installation services range from new builds to air conditioning replacement to cooling system conversions.  No residential AC installation job is too big or too small.

Central Air Installation

Central air systems are the most common form of home air conditioning.  Most homes built over the last 60 years were designed with central air ducts installed.  For homes that fit this category, much of the installation work is replacing the condensing unit and coil.  There are some cases where ducts need to be modified.  Most of the major decision making for customers come down to the type and efficiency of the equipment you would like installed.  Heartland project managers work with customers on available rebates and incentives to help drive the overall cost of your new central air unit down.

Mini Split AC Installation

Mini split AC installation, also known as ductless air conditioning, has recently become a popular alternative.  Unlike central air systems where air ducts are required to carry the air throughout the home, mini split systems are placed in each room you would like to cool.  They are routed to an outside condenser unit and usually are installed on an outside wall of the room.  Many of the newer mini split AC systems are built with high efficiency technology and offer zone control capabilities that allow you to keep each room at it's own temperature.

Window Air Conditioner Installation

Window air conditioners remain a common and effective way of cooling a specific room in a home.  Heartland installers help place the unit, configure it and seal the equipment to ensure maximum performance.

Air Handler Installation

Air handlers are very common for homes in the Southern Illinois area that use heat pumps.  Usually located within the attic or closet of a home, air handlers push hot and cool air throughout your duct system to help distribute the air effectively.  Our team closely measures the installation space and provides the most cost effective options on air handler installation.

Air Duct Installation

Considering a room addition or wanting to convert your home to a central air system?  No problem.  Heartland provides full air duct installation for new and existing homes.  Our mechanical department specializes in providing detailed blueprints and system designs with fast turnaround.  Heartland has a full sheet metal shop ready to custom design any necessary ductwork for your residential or commercial HVAC project.

Save Today On Air Conditioning Replacement With Great Rebates and Incentives

Now is a great time to consider air conditioning replacement.  There is currently a wide variety of rebates, incentives and tax credits provided by the manufacturers and energy companies.  Most rebates are for Energy Star Certified high efficiency equipment.  Heartland representatives can provide you all the current rebates you can potentially qualify for when considering your options for air conditioning replacement.

0% Financing On AC Replacement Cost For Qualified Buyers

Out of pocket costs on a new HVAC system can be an inconvienent expense.  Especially for homeowners who did not anticipate replacing their heating and cooling.  Heartland Heating and Air provides 0% financing for buyers with qualifying credit.

Why Choose Heartland Over Other AC Installation Companies?

When you work with Heartland, you can expect to receive 5-star service from beginning to end.  Our goal is to under-promise and over-deliver on your new air conditioning installation.  We want to earn your business by providing the highest quality service at affordable rates.

AC Unit Installation

Heartland provides AC unit installation for a wide variety of HVAC brands.  If you have existing equipment, there is a good chance we can help with installation services.  If you are looking to purchase equipment, we work closely with the following air conditioner brands.
high efficiency air conditioner installation

High Efficiency Air Conditioner Installation

carrier air conditioner installation

Carrier Air Conditioner Installation

mitsubishi ductless air conditioner installation

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Schedule A Free AC Replacement Cost Estimate Today!

Heartland currently has professional air conditioner repair technicians on standby ready to provide you 5-star service.  If you are experiencing any type of residential air conditioner problems, please do not hestiate to give us a call.  We are here to help.  To schedule air conditioning repair, call our office today at (618) 684-4328 or fill out a form online by clicking the "Schedule Repair" button below.