We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality installation to all of our customers.  The home is often viewed as a symbol of warmth.  When we install a new home heating system, our goal is to create lasting comfort in your home for years to come.

A+ BBB Rated Heating Contractor In Carbondale

While online reviews play a larger role in today's purchasing decisions, the Better Business Bureau still remains the gold standard in home service grades.  Heartland continues to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB.  We understand that no matter how good of a company you are, there can be hiccups in the process over a long period of time.  As a customer you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to making sure you walk away a happy customer.

What Makes Heartland Different From Other Heating Contractors

  • Family Owned and Operated since 1946
  • A High Level of Technical Expertise
  • Responsive Customer Service: 24/7/365
  • Up to 12-year parts warranty and up to 12-year Guarantee Replacement on equipment.

Signs Your Home Needs Heating Replacement

There are several things to watch out for if you’re trying to determine how well your heating system is performing. Here’s what you should keep an eye on:

Increasing Energy Bills

Because your HVAC system is the biggest energy user in your home, operating cost is an important factor in determining when to replace it. If you replace, you can get a more energy-efficient unit that will save on energy bills. If you notice that your utility bills are increasing without having increased your system’s usage, it is necessary to call an HVAC technician right away for diagnosis and treatment.

Failing systems tend to make weird sounds, which could be due to a number of issues.  There's a good chance the problem is serious and should be checked out. Also, if you notice a marked reduction in efficiency, especially if you've followed a reasonable maintenance schedule, your heating system may be on its way out.

Always Feeling Cold Despite Thermostat Being Set In The Mid 70's

Your thermostat starts acting like an adolescent going through puberty. One minute, temps stay right on the money and in the next, you can’t believe what your eyes are telling you. Is one room hot while another is cool? You could have a bum thermostat. If so, AC repair should top your “must do now” list.

Another candidate for “most obvious” warning arises if you power up your furnace and you’re greeted with a blast of cold air that doesn’t dissipate. This sign of potential furnace death may be due to the demise of the blower fan motor, but more likely, your furnace may have a burned-out pilot light or a heat exchange issue.

Heating System Constantly Running To Maintain Warm Temperatures

If you don't notice it, you'll see it in your monthly energy bill.  Heating systems that constantly run just to maintain comfortable indoor temps can drain your wallet fast.  It is often a huge red flag that will cost you more in energy bills than the cost of a new furnace.

Type of Home Heating Systems Heartland Installs

No two homes are exactly alike, that’s why we specialize in coming up with solutions to fit your home's needs. We take care of your entire home, from clean air to properly sizing your equipment. No matter what people say…it’s important to see your current system and take precise measurements to make sure your home is getting the the right equipment.

There are many things to consider when you’re contemplating a new heating system for your home. Whether it’s a gas furnace, electric furnace, ductless mini-split, radiant heating system, heat pump, boiler you’re interested in, we’ll match the size and model to your needs and carry out a professional installation for a reasonable price.

Furnace Installation

If you find yourself in the middle of winter with a furnace that’s broken beyond repair, who do you turn to? For the people in Southern Illinois, the answer is Heartland Heating and Air. We’re ready to conduct speedy furnace replacement so you don’t have to go a moment longer than necessary without warmth at home.

Heat Pump Installation

When you are in the market for a new heating system, you’ll have many high–efficiency options to choose from. While heat pumps are more efficient than some other types of heating units, newer heat pumps have significantly higher efficiency ratings than older models.

Boiler Installation

Boilers are used for a variety of heating purposes at home and serve as an alternative to furnaces. While a furnace heats air and spreads it throughout your home, a boiler heats water and uses radiation to transfer heat into the house.

Ductless Heating Installation

Mini split heat pump systems are a great way to heat and cool your home without the need for extensive ductwork.  You already know that ductless mini split systems are a great solution for keeping a single room climate controlled; but did you know that ductless mini splits can control the temperature in multiple rooms? We sell single zone, dual zone, tri zone, and quad zone mini splits that are perfect for heating no matter the amount of rooms you have.

What To Look For When Receiving An Estimate From Heating Companies

To solve this complex puzzle of sizing the correct heating unit for your home, every Heartland Heating and Air customer receives a complete, no charge, new furnace unit proposal. No gimmicks, no hidden tricks, just a comprehensive evaluation that takes all the guesswork out of selecting a new heating system for your home.

Transparent Pricing

While the number of choices may seem overwhelming, we can help you compare the different heating systems and go over the efficiency ratings with you. Our expert team of heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality experts stays up to date with the latest in HVAC technology so that we can assist our customers in finding the right system for their budget and heating needs.

Multiple Options At Different Price Points

There are typically 4-5 options to select when you receive a proposal from Heartland Heating and Air. They start with our basic system and finish with the higher SEER rating systems.

Information On Current Rebates And Incentives

We are certified to offer Ameren rebates through the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program. There are also several Instant rebates from Daikin.

No Matter What Fuel Source Your Central Heating System Uses, Heartland Can Install It

We have been installing new/replacement heating systems in and around Southern Illinois since 1946.

Gas Heating System Installation

Natural gas is one of the most affordable ways to heat your home. Gas heating systems also provide a higher degree of comfort. This is why gas furnaces are very common throughout Southern Illinois. There are 2 types of gas furnaces….Natural and Propane (LP). We make sure that your new system is sized properly and can accommodate either.

Electric Heating System Installation

Electric Heating systems typically are used as a back up source of Heat. A Heat Pump is generally located as the outdoor unit. It will heat your home until the temperature gets too low outside.

Heartland Provides Heating System Installation For The Following Manufacturers

We can provide several manufacturer options when it comes to equipment. Our installers have decades of experience installing several different models.  By carrying multiple lines, this allows us to provide a larger selection to our customers so you can make the best decision for your home.
carrier infinity heating system installation

carrier infinity® heating installation

carrier heating system installation

Carrier Heating System Installation

mitsubishi ductles heating installation

Mitsubishi Ductless Heating Installation

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Heartland currently has professional heating system repair technicians on standby ready to provide you 5-star service.  If you are experiencing any type of residential heating problems, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We are here to help.  To schedule home heating repair, call our office today at (618) 684-4328 or fill out a form online by clicking the "Schedule Repair" button below.