Air Filters

Many issues with your HVAC system can be attributed to one simple issue: lack of a quality air filter or a clogged air filter. Air filters are an essential component of your HVAC system. It's necessary to replace your air filters in order to prevent a wide range of issues affecting your ac unit.

Unfortunately, you might find yourself paying for higher energy costs, struggling with severe ac maintenance issues, and constantly needing to run your AC on high! The solution can be simple with a simple air filter replacement. Not sure which kind of air filters you need? Heartland Heating, Air & Plumbing can help you find the right air filters for your system and install them for you or have your air filters delivered. Contact Heartland today to learn more.


How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

Air filters are an essential component of any heating and cooling unit. Air filters capture air pollutants, dust, and pollen, and reduce the air pollution in your home. They trap particles using pleated filters, which act as a barrier against nasty particles. In addition, your air filter has a MERV rating that can be used in different environments.

MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter. This means these filters can trap certain airborne particles better than other air filters. For instance, a HEPA filter has a MERV rating of 17 or higher, and can trap over 99.97% of air particles.

Regardless of the type of air filter you have, it will eventually need to be replaced. A dirty filter will be covered in microscopic particles, pet dander, and common irritants. You should change your filter every 90 days on your HVAC system. However, if you have lots of pet dander, smoke, pollen, or are sensitive to allergens, it's best to get a replacement sooner rather than later.


Signs Your Air Filter Needs to be Changed

Changing your air filters every 90 days is a good rule of thumb, but if you're new to your home, you might want to look at your filter every month to see how dirty it is. Depending on your home's air quality, it might fill up faster than 90 days which might lead to issues such as:

Higher Energy Bills

A dirty filter can clog up your HVAC system and make it difficult for your heating and cooling system to circulate air. This can not only impact the quality of your home's air but also make it difficult to run your HVAC efficiently. A system that has to work harder will use more energy, which will cause a spike in energy bills. 

Dust Piling Up Around Your Air Vents

A common sign that your air filter needs to be replaced is dust piling around your vents. Although your air filters can be great at preventing dust mites and dust pollen from accumulating when they are properly functioning, they will eventually get clogged. When your filter is unable to stop the dust from circulating in your ducts, it will start escaping out around your vents.

No Heat

Just like an air filter can negatively impact your air conditioning unit, your furnace filter can also cause your whole house to lack heat. Furnace filters can become clogged, restricting airflow and leading to an overheated furnace. This can cause your furnace to shut off, or an inability to heat your home entirely.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a serious problem in which your heating or cooling system cannot complete a full cycle. One of the most common causes of short cycling is a dirty air filter, leading to lack of airflow. If you notice that your system is short cycling, you want to have your system fixed right away because it could lead to overheating and damage your furnace or air conditioning unit.

Poor Airflow

You should think of your air filter as the lungs which allow the air conditioning unit to breathe. If your filter size is too small or too dirty, you'll notice poor airflow. When air passes through your unit with difficulty, it indicates that you need to replace your filter.


Benefits of Changing Your Air Filter Regularly

Besides keeping your system functioning well, there are many other benefits to regularly replacing your air filters. Benefits include:

Better Indoor Air Quality

In addition to air purifiers, air filters do an excellent job of cleansing bacteria, mold spores, and many different types of air pollutants. Even a standard MERV 13 filter is capable of filtering smaller particles such as viruses.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Replacement air filters allow your heating and cooling systems to work with ease. Replacing your air filters ensures your system is working as efficiently as possible. This means you'll feel that powerful airflow and stay comfortable in your home all season long.

Extends HVAC System’s Lifespan

By getting replacement air filters, you can improve the efficiency and lifespan of your heating and cooling units. Air filters will allow your unit to work with minimal effort, ensuring it does not overheat and lead to problems later on.

Saves Money on Repairs

Since a dirty air filter can cause so many system issues, being proactive and changing your filter regularly can save you money on repairs. Fortunately, even the best air filter with a high minimum efficiency reporting value is relatively affordable compared to sudden HVAC system repairs.

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