Commercial HVAC Repair

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Commercial HVAC Repair Services 

A commercial HVAC system is made up of three different components. Each of the three components works together to create and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, improve air quality and help with humidity levels. If one or more of the three components are not properly working, your business’ HVAC system won’t be able to properly operate, and it could make things uncomfortable for employees and customers. 

Our certified technicians service all types of HVAC systems and have experience in identifying and repairing problems that occur in any of the following components of a commercial HVAC system. 


Heating systems are responsible for helping to increase the temperature indoors. Depending upon what type of HVAC system your business has installed, the equipment will use gas, radiator coils or water to heat the area. 

Air Conditioning 

Air conditioning systems do the exact opposite of heating systems. They decrease the temperatures indoors by removing warm air inside to the outdoors. 

Indoor Air Quality Systems 

Indoor air quality systems help improve the air quality indoors. The two most common ways a ventilation system improves air quality is by filtration and circulation. The filtration system removes impurities, such as allergens or dust, from the air. The air circulation system uses fans to move the air around. The combination of circulation and filtration improves air quality so it is easier for your employees and customers to breathe. 

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Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairs 

Rarely do commercial HVAC systems quietly break down. Typically, there are very visible signs that indicate your heating and cooling system is in need of repairs. It is important to know what signs to look out for so you can quickly call a HVAC contractor to come fix the problem. Quickly

calling a contractor may help you to avoid costly repairs or the need to completely replace the entire HVAC system. 

Rising Energy Bills 

An occasional spike in energy costs isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. However, if you notice that your business’ energy bills drastically increase, it could indicate that there is a problem with your HVAC system. 

Leaks in the air ducts, poor maintenance or broken equipment can all cause a heating and cooling system to not operate as efficiently. An experienced HVAC contractor can identify the problem that is causing the energy bills to increase and fix it. 


There is always going to be someone who complains about the temperature, but if you start receiving several complaints from employees and customers, it could indicate a problem. Complaints of high humidity levels or inconsistent temperatures could be caused by an airflow problem with the air conditioning system on your HVAC system. 

An experienced HVAC contractor can inspect the air ducts, blowers, and other components for problems. Once the problems are corrected, you should experience fewer complaints about the temperature. 

Excessive Moisture 

Seeing a little condensation around the furnace, air conditioner or HVAC equipment shouldn’t be surprising. After all, condensation is a part of the heating and cooling system process. However, if you notice a lot of condensation or you start to find unexplained puddles near the equipment, it may be time to call a contractor to get the system repaired. 

High humidity is another common issue related to excessive moisture. If you notice humidity levels inside your business are higher than normal, your HVAC system could need to be serviced or repaired. 

Strange Sounds or Unpleasant Odors 

Hearing an occasional clunking, buzzing, or clanging noise is normal with most heating and cooling systems. If you notice excessive noise or sounds that are disturbing, extremely loud, or won’t stop, it is time to call an HVAC contractor. The contractor can quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with repair recommendations. 

Odors are another indication something is wrong with your business’ heating and cooling system. Common scents that are often associated with HVAC problems include either musty or damp smells and rotting odors.


Highest Quality Standards in Commercial HVAC System Repair 

It is surprising how productive employees can be when they are comfortable. As a business owner, if you keep your HVAC system equipment operating properly, your employees will be happier and more comfortable which will increase efficiency and productivity. 

Employees aren’t the only ones who will be happy with a properly working heating and air conditioning system. Customers will also be happy. Keeping your HVAC equipment operating properly will create an environment that encourages customers to return. 

Heartland prides itself on having the highest quality standards when it comes to commercial HVAC system repairs. Our experienced heating and cooling contractors quickly identify problems and come up with a solution that will get your heating and cooling system up and running as soon as possible.

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