Identifying problems in an HVAC system before it breaks down can save you time and money.  Heartland specializes in providing a variety of different HVAC maintenance for both commercial and residential properties in the Carbondale and Southern Illinois area.

Providing Professional Home HVAC Maintenance Service In Carbondale and Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois homes experience major temperature swings from season to season.  Such variances in outdoor temperatures can place a lot of stress on your HVAC system.  Just like a car, HVAC systems need to be properly maintained to continue optimal performance.  Heartland has provided professional home HVAC maintenance services in the Southern Illinois area since 1946.  If you would like a member of our team to make sure your HVAC system is running properly heading into the Summer or Winter months, call our office today at (618) 684-4328.

Keep Your HVAC System Up To Speed With Our Affordable HVAC Maintenance Plan

Spend the Spring and Fall enjoying the nice weather and not having to worry about scheduling HVAC maintenance.  Sign up for our Heart of Your Home Club, and our team will take it from there.  Our staff works with homeowners to notify when it's time for our HVAC maintenance professionals to come inspect their equipment and provide comprehensive assessments on the status of their HVAC system.  Get started today by calling us at (618) 684-4328.

$195 Per Year HVAC Maintenance Contract ($175 For Each Additional System)

Ensure your HVAC system is ready each Spring and Fall by joining the Heartland Heart of the Home Club.  As a member, you will receive:

  • Bi-Annual Clean and Check Of Your Equipment

    Our technicians perform bi-annual maintenance in the fall and spring to ensure your HVAC system is ready for the upcoming weather. In the fall, we perform a heating equipment clean and check and a water heater inspection. During the spring, we clean and check your air conditioning system and inspect the ductwork. We provide free 1-inch filter replacement during our bi-annual maintenance visits.

  • Priority Emergency Service

    If you have any issues with your HVAC or plumbing systems, you'll receive priority scheduling and service to ensure your systems are working when you need them most! There are no overtime fees Monday through Saturday.

  • 15% Discount On Repair Parts and Labor For Plumbing and HVAC

Services You Will Receive With Our Annual HVAC Maintenance Agreement

As a member of our Heart of Your Home Club, a qualified Heartland HVAC Technician will perform the following HVAC maintenance procedures each year.

  • Lubricate Blower Bearings
  • Check the Blower Belts for Wear
  • Clean the Burners and Check for Corrosion
  • Check the Ignition Source
  • Check Gas Pressures
  • Check Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • Wash the Condenser Coils
  • Flush the Condensate Drain Lines
  • Check the Evaporator Coils for Leaks
  • Check Electrical Contacts and Capacitors
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Check Overall Heating or Cooling Operation

Benefits Of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

It is often easy to overlook the benefits of HVAC preventative maintenance because it is primary functionality of the home that is out of sight out of mind.  Taking preventative measures to ensure the performance of your HVAC system not only is a great investment of both time and money, but it also can help keep your home and the ones you love inside it safe.

Increases Efficiency Of Your HVAC Saving Your Money On Your Energy Bills

When an HVAC system is not being routinely maintained, it often works harder in order to meet the temperature you set on your thermostat.  Naturally, your system uses more energy in order to achieve your indoor comfort goals costing you more money on your monthly utility bills.  Did you know that HVAC equates to 46% of the average American home's energy consumption?

Decreases Chances Of Costly HVAC Repairs

As your HVAC system works harder to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, it also increases it's risk of failure.  Many of the HVAC repairs we service are issues that could have been easily avoided with routine annual HVAC maintenance.

Keeps Your Home Safe

This rings especially true for home heating systems where carbon monoxide can leak into the air inside the home due to things like a cracked heat exchanger.  The truth is, there are a lot of chemicals that are used in heating and cooling systems that need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure safety inside the home.

Extends The Lifespan Of Your HVAC System

Just like almost every other structural aspect of your home, your HVAC system is an investment.  An investment that can go bad quickly if it is not receiving proper maintenance.  Many HVAC systems that fall into despair and are broke beyond fixing usually could have been salvaged if they were maintained.  Vice versa, many of the older systems still running properly are ones we visit every Spring and Fall.

Schedule Your $99 HVAC Tune Up Today

Heartland offers a wide variety of HVAC maintenance services.  We pretty much offer maintenance for every type of residential heating and cooling system.  Some of the more popular HVAC maintenance we provide include:

AC Tune Up

Having an AC tune up done at the beginning of every Spring or Summer is critical to the functionality of that unit.  Unlike heating systems which are often located indoors, AC units are located outside.  During the harsh Winter months, they take a pretty significant beating from the weather.  Then all of a sudden, you kick it back on and expect it to hit the ground running as if it didn't miss a beat.  Heartland offers a $99 AC tune up for homeowners wanting to make sure their AC is up to speed when they depend on it most.  Schedule your AC tune up today by calling (618) 684-4328.

AC Recharge

As part of our $99 AC tune up, our technicians will check your AC unit's refrigerant levels.  However, if we find that your air conditioner needs coolant, that is an additional service.  Heartland offers AC recharges for all types of AC systems including R22 air conditioners and R410a air conditioners.  Schedule your home AC recharge today by calling (618) 684-4328.

Furnace Tune Up

When it comes time every year to kick your furnace on for the first time, you are usually met with an awkward burning smell.  Most the time this is normal, but often serves as a simple reminder that your heating system has not been used for a significant amount of time.  Behind the scenes, many components are being put to the test for the first time in months.  Make sure all your equipment is functioning properly by scheduling a $99 furnace tune up by calling (618) 684-4328.

Heat Pump Tune Up

A major benefit to using a heat pump for your heating and cooling needs is that they are extremely energy efficient.  The downside is that if they aren't working at 100%, they tend to really see a dip in performance when the weather fluctuates.  It can often lead to supplemental heating needed to be installed to help maintain comfortable temperatures in the Winter months.  Make sure your heat pump is ready by scheduling a heat pump tune up by calling (618) 684-4328.

Boiler Tune Up

Home boiler systems are becoming less and less common as almost all new home construction over the last sixty plus years have been built with central air systems.  However, homes that still rely on radiant heating usually do so by choice.  The heat boilers produce often carries a higher degree of moisture and feels much more comfortable than dryer heat produced by central air systems.  In order to captialize on this major benefit, home boiler systems often require slightly more maintenance.  Especially steam boilers that can put a lot of strain on the piping used to distribute the heat throughout the home.  Boiler repair can often be more extensive and expensive which is another major benefit to making sure your residential boiler system is receiving routine maintenance.  Schedule your boiler tune up today by calling (618) 684-4328.

Schedule Your HVAC System Maintenance Today!

Creating piece of mind heading into the next heating or cooling season is only one phone call away.  Schedule your HVAC system maintenance today by calling us at (618) 684-4328 or by filling out the form below.