HVAC Maintenance Services

Catching issues in your HVAC system before they escalate into full-blown breakdowns is a proactive approach that can lead to significant savings in time and money. At Heartland Heating, Air & Plumbing, we understand the importance of early problem detection and offer HVAC maintenance services tailored to both commercial and residential properties.

For businesses, a reliable HVAC system is essential for a productive environment and the comfort of both staff and clients. For homeowners, it's about keeping your living space cozy and welcoming throughout the year.

Our team of certified HVAC technicians is highly skilled at servicing various types of HVAC systems. They conduct detailed inspections, perform thorough cleanings, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal system performance. We understand that every property is unique, so we tailor our HVAC maintenance services to meet the specific requirements of each client, guaranteeing the most effective solutions.

Heartland Heating, Air & Plumbing has provided professional HVAC maintenance in Carbondale, IL, and other Southern Illinois communities since 1946. If you live in areas like Benton, Carterville, Marion, Murphysboro, or West Frankfort and would like a member of our team to make sure your HVAC system is running properly heading into the summer or winter months, call our office today at (618) 202-4609.

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Join the Heartland Heart of Your Home Club for Hassle-Free HVAC Maintenance

Imagine not having to worry about scheduling your HVAC maintenance as the seasons change. With the Heartland Heart of Your Home Club, you can enjoy the beauty of spring and the coziness of fall without the added stress. Once you sign up, our dedicated team takes charge of your HVAC maintenance schedule. We keep track of when it's time for a check-up and notify you, ensuring your HVAC unit always gets the care it needs.

For just $195 per year ($175 for each additional system), you can ensure your HVAC system is well-maintained throughout the year. Joining our Heart of Your Home Club HVAC maintenance club comes with several valuable benefits:

Bi-Annual Equipment Maintenance

Our skilled technicians will visit your home twice a year - once in the spring and once in the fall. In the fall, we focus on heating equipment and water heater inspections to prepare for the colder months. Come spring, we shift our attention to your air conditioning system and ductwork, ensuring everything is clean and functioning efficiently. Plus, we include free replacement of 1-inch filters during these visits. Dirty air filters can greatly impact your indoor air quality and affect your system's ability to produce warm or cold air. Adding this to your monthly HVAC maintenance tasks, along with checking the thermostat settings and clearing debris from the condenser coils, will help the air quality inside your home and ensure proper airflow.

Priority Emergency Service

Club members receive priority scheduling for any HVAC system or plumbing issues, ensuring quick and reliable service when you need it most. And the best part? We don't charge overtime fees from Monday through Saturday.

Exclusive Discounts

By becoming a member of our maintenance club, you can benefit from a 15% discount on repair parts and labor for both our plumbing and HVAC services. This discount can lead to significant savings, especially in cases of unexpected repairs.

With our maintenance plan, you're not just getting routine service; you're getting peace of mind and assurance that your heating system or AC unit will function effectively throughout the year. Let us take the worry out of HVAC maintenance so you can focus on enjoying your home in every season.

Get Your HVAC System Ready with Heartland's $99 Tune-Up Special

Heartland Heating, Air & Plumbing goes beyond our Heart of Your Home Club to offer a comprehensive range of HVAC maintenance services. We cover virtually every home heating and cooling system out there, from boilers and furnaces to ductless mini splits, geothermal systems, heat pumps, and air conditioners. Here's a look at some of our popular tune-up services:

AC Tune-Up

Before the heat of spring and summer kicks in, it's crucial to get your air conditioning unit checked. Unlike heating systems which are often located indoors, an air conditioner is an outdoor unit. During the harsh winter months, they take a pretty significant beating from the weather. Then all of a sudden, you turn it back on and expect it to hit the ground running as if it didn't miss a beat. Our $99 air conditioner tune-up ensures your system is working efficiently and producing a comfortable temperature when you need it most.

AC Recharge

Included in our $99 AC tune-up is a check of your unit's refrigerant levels. However, if we find that your air conditioner unit needs coolant, this is considered an additional service. We offer AC recharges for all types of air conditioning systems.

Furnace Tune-Up

When it comes time every year to kick your furnace on for the first time, you are usually met with a strange burning smell. Most of the time this is normal, but it often serves as a simple reminder that your heating system has not been used for a significant amount of time. Behind the scenes, many parts, like the heat exchanger and blower components, are being put to the test for the first time in months. Make sure all your equipment is functioning properly by scheduling a furnace tune-up.

Heat Pump Tune-Up

A major benefit to using a heat pump for your heating and cooling needs is that they are extremely energy efficient. The downside is that if they aren't working at 100%, they tend to see a dip in performance when the weather fluctuates. It can often lead to supplemental heating needed to be installed to help maintain comfortable temperatures in the winter months. You can usually avoid this with a simple heat pump tune-up each year.

Boiler Tune-Up

While less common in new homes, boilers are still a preferred choice in many residences, particularly for their comfortable radiant heat. However, boilers, especially the steam types, demand more maintenance due to the strain they place on piping systems. Boiler repair can often be more extensive and expensive which is another major benefit to making sure your boiler system is receiving routine maintenance.  

Heartland is dedicated to keeping your home comfortable and your systems running smoothly. For expert HVAC maintenance in Carbondale, IL, and the surrounding communities, call us today at (618) 202-4609 and take advantage of our $99 tune-up offer.

Benefits Of Preventative HVAC Maintenance

The significance of HVAC maintenance might not always be top of mind since the system typically operates behind the scenes. However, preventative maintenance for your heating and air conditioning system is a wise investment in terms of both time and money, and it plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and comfort of your home. Here’s a deeper look at some of the benefits:

Saves Money by Boosting Efficiency

An unmaintained heating and cooling system has to work harder to reach the desired temperature settings, leading to increased energy use. This added strain can inflate your monthly energy costs, particularly when you consider that HVAC equipment accounts for nearly 46% of energy consumption in the average American household.

Reduces the Likelihood of Expensive Repairs

When your air conditioning unit is consistently pushed to its limits, the risk of breakdowns and failures escalates. Many costly repairs can be traced back to issues that would have been identified and resolved with regular maintenance. By scheduling regular HVAC maintenance checks, you can avoid these unexpected and often expensive repair costs.

Enhances Home Safety

Routine maintenance is particularly crucial for heating systems, where there’s a risk of carbon monoxide leaks from components like cracked heat exchangers. Regular checks from a licensed HVAC technician help ensure that all parts of your heating and cooling systems are functioning safely, protecting your home from potential hazards.

Prolongs the Life of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system represents a significant investment in your home’s infrastructure. Without proper maintenance, this investment can deteriorate rapidly. Regular servicing can greatly extend your system's efficiency, ensuring it continues to operate for years. It’s not uncommon for well-maintained older systems to outlast those that have been neglected.

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We recognize the critical role a fully functional ductless mini split system plays in maintaining your home's comfort and efficiency. If you require quality ductless mini split repair in Carbondale, IL, we encourage you to reach out to us and schedule an appointment. Our team is ready to offer you the expert assistance and high-quality service you deserve to ensure your HVAC system performs at its best all season long.