There is a pipe, often in your front yard, that connects your house to the sewer system. If this pipe breaks or is clogged, you as the homeowner are responsible for fixing it. Fixing the sewer line is very expensive and can cause a ripple effect of other problems. Oftentimes, the sewer line is underneath the driveway, a walkway, or landscaping that will need to also be dug up and repaired once the sewer line is fixed.

Prevention is key when it comes to sewer issues. Heartland Mechanical offers sewer line inspections to help you see the current state of your sewer lines, but we are also your trusted sewer repair experts. For sewer line repair in Murphysboro, Illinois, contact Heartland Mechanical.

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

It’s important to know the signs of main sewer line problems so you can stop them before they break. Heartland Mechanical also offers sewer line cleaning services to break up clogged sewer lines before they burst. These are some of the common signs you may have sewer line problems:

One or More Drains Is Slow

When we say “drains” we’re not exclusively talking about sink drains. This also applies to toilets, tubs, and showers. If multiple drains are slow to drain, it’s a common sign of sewer issues. You may also have sewer issues if your drains cause issues with other drains. For example, if you flush the toilet and the sink starts backing up. The sewer line is the most likely culprit. 

Yard is Soggy and Squishy

If you yard is always wet, but it hasn’t rained in a while, this could be a sign of a sewer line leaking. Especially if the squish and soggy parts are in your front yard. Be also wary of large patches of lush grass. These sections of yard may be getting additional water and nutrients from a sewer leak below. 

Standing Water in Your Basement

Many basements and crawl spaces have drains for moisture. If these drains are backing up and you notice large puddles of standing water in your basement or crawl space, it could be a sign that the sewer line is damaged or clogged. 

Bad Odors in Your Home

Many times, if you smell sewage in your Southern Illinois home, it’s not because of the sewer line. Often it's a broken seal on a toilet, an overflow device on a kitchen sink that isn’t working properly, or a poorly designed P trap in the laundry room. It’s when you notice the bad smells coming from your drains and you notice tubs and toilets overflowing with rancid water that you most likely have a sewer problem. 



Causes of Sewer Line Problems

No one can predict when a sewer line will start developing problems, but it's always a good idea to have a sewer line inspection done before you purchase a new home. A regular home inspection does not include a sewer inspection, but it’s a good idea to see what potential issues you could have down the road. 

You’ll want to consider a sewer inspection especially if you’re buying an older home, or the home has large trees in the yard. Although old, large trees add a beautiful aesthetic to your yard, their roots are often the cause of sewer problems. If you have stumps in your yard, you might want to have them removed.  These are the common causes of sewer issues:

  • Tree roots

  • Foreign objects in your pipe

  • Pipe misalignment often caused by a tree root

  • Pipe belly, sag, or channeling



Why Trust Heartland Mechanical for Sewer Line Repairs?

The plumbing team at Heartland Mechanical has helped many homeowners prevent, clear, and repair their sewer lines. We’ve seen many homeowners devastated by the cost of sewer line repairs, and we want you to know that if you’re proactive with the maintenance and care of your sewer lines, then you can avoid this unexpected expense.

Call Heartland Mechanical for a sewer line inspection when you’re considering buying a new house, or if you’re having issues with multiple drains in your home. We use a special camera that can see into the sewer and analyze its condition. From there, we can clear your sewer lines if we see a clog that we think has the potential to become a bigger problem. We may recommend removing trees from your yard also if we think the roots are getting dangerously close to the line. 

If you do need your sewer lines repaired, we will give you an upfront estimate for the work so you know what you’re getting into. Our licensed plumbers have seen it all. We have the expertise to perform your sewer line repairs quickly and effectively so you shouldn’t encounter any problems in the future.

Call Heartland Mechanical for Sewer Line Repair Services in Murphysboro, IL

Heartland Mechanical is here to help all of the homeowners in Murphysboro, IL with their sewer and drain problems. If you wake up in the middle of the night to backed-up drains, call us right away. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services. When your sewer line ruptures, it disrupts your whole life. Don’t wait - sewer emergencies are a real issue to your plumbing system, and we’re standing by to help. Call Heartland Mechanical to learn more about our sewer line inspection, cleaning, and repair services. We are proud to offer excellent customer service and professional plumbing services to all of the homeowners in Murphysboro, IL and the surrounding areas.