Repiping Services in Murphysboro, IL

It's not uncommon to replace a broken pipe in your home now and again. However, needing multiple pipes fixed or replaced in a short period of time is not normal and it's a sign that your plumbing system is in need of major repairs. The professional plumbers at Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing can repipe your house, meaning they can replace all your old pipes with new ones. 

We'll explain when you'll need to repipe your home, the benefits of this service, as well as what is included. If you're tired of dealing with frequent leaks and pipe bursts in your home, then it's time to talk to the expert plumbers at Heartland.

What is Repiping?

The pipes in your home won't last forever, so repiping is the process of swapping out all of your existing pipes with new ones. Many older homes have plumbing systems made of copper or galvanized steel that can rust and corrode over time. Today's plumbing is made with plastic like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping that is much more durable and affordable.

Signs You Need To Repipe Your Home

Your home is over 50 years old

Galvanized steel was the most commonly used plumbing material in the 1960s. Many people whose homes were built as late as the 1970s are now finding evidence of corrosion in their plumbing system. Galvanized steel tends to start corroding after 50 years. Rather than replacing the pipes one by one, it's a smarter idea to repipe your home with a more modern and durable plumbing material. 

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can be caused by a number of factors, but it is a common occurrence when you have corroded pipes. If you have an older home and have low water pressure throughout your house, you should call a plumber to investigate your plumbing system. 

Strange taste or smell

Water that looks clean, but smells bad could be a sign that mold and rust are contaminating your water supply. If your water smells funny, it's best not to drink it until you've talked to a plumber. 

Frequent pipe leaks

A broken pipe on occasion is not uncommon, but multiple broken pipes or leaky pipes are. Especially when paired with any of the other factors listed above, you should talk to a professional plumber to look at your home plumbing system.


Benefits of Repiping

While repiping sounds like it might be an expensive project, it's well worth the investment. New plumbing materials like PVC and PEX can last over 100 years. This provides resale value for your home when you eventually decide to sell or insurance for the future that your pipes shouldn't burst again.

If you've ever had a pipe burst, it's not something you want to experience again. When a pipe bursts, it's usually not a pipe housed in a cabinet, but it's usually within your walls, making it hard to access. A burst pipe can cause lots of expensive water damage very quickly.

Repiping can also help improve your home's water quality. Maybe your home has a filtration system already, so you think that your water is clean, but as water travels through old and corroded pipes from your filter to your sink it can be contaminated all over again. New pipes will give you peace of mind that you're drinking healthy, clean water.

What Pipes are Replaced?

When your plumbing system is replaced in your home, it only includes the pipes in the walls throughout your home. New hose connections, valves, supply lines, and shut-offs are also included.

However, when your home is repiped it does not include replacing any toilets, sinks, fixtures, drain lines, water heaters, or sewer lines.

Schedule Your Repiping Appointment with Heartland Today

If your Murphysboro, IL home is experiencing frequent pipe leaks, poor water quality, and strange odors, and your home is over 50 years old, now is the time to consider repiping your home. Contact Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing to set up an appointment with one of our certified technicians. With the installation of new pipes throughout your home, you'll have a dependable plumbing system once again.