Heartland is here to handle all your commercial and residential HVAC repair needs.  Whether you are experiencing problems with your home heating system, or your air conditioning unit is not getting the job done, Heartland can help.  Our office is equipped with professional HVAC technicians on standby to service your HVAC system.

Quality HVAC Repair Service At Affordable Rates

Not all HVAC repair service is created equal.  HVAC technicians at Heartland are trained to locate the source of the problem and fix it fast.  Every HVAC service call comes with a full diagnostic on the problem with a cost quote on the repair BEFORE we start fixing it.  As a customer you can expect transparent pricing at affordable rates with prompt repairs.  Get your HVAC system back up and running fast by calling our office at (618) 684-4328.

Experienced HVAC Repair Contractor Servicing The Carbondale Area Since 1946

Experience plays a huge role in almost all aspects of HVAC repair.  All of our technicians have a mountain of experience when it comes to repairing HVAC systems.  This experience allows our repair team to quickly diagnose the problem and fix it fast.  Our trucks are stocked with parts which allow us in most cases to get your system repaired on the spot so you can get back to your daily routine.
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Heartland Offers 24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair

Heartland acknowledges that most families today are dual income homes.  It is inconvienent enough for your HVAC system to break.  Having to take time off work to get it fixed can just compound the problem.  Heartland offers 24/7 emergency HVAC repair for homeowners that need their HVAC system fixed now.  Schedule your emergency HVAC repair today by calling (618) 684-4328.

The Difference Between Heartland and Other HVAC Repair Companies

We understand you have choices when it comes to who you hire for HVAC repair.  Heartland is committed to earning your business the right way.  Our business model is designed to present the best value to our customers with the hope of gaining long term clients.  Here are some ways we feel we set ourselves apart from other HVAC repair companies.

Heartland Is An Established Local HVAC Repair Company

Our company has been servicing the Carbondale area for over 70 years.  We are not a fly-by-night contractor.  If there is any issue when it comes to working with us, we are committed to making it right.  This philosophy is what has kept us in business since 1946.

Highest Trained HVAC Service Technicians In The Southern Illinois Area

We cannot stress enough how much we value the skills of our HVAC service technicians.  Our HVAC repair team are great at what they do.  Outside of their technical skills, they are also great communicators.  We understand that when you hire us for an HVAC repair, you are inviting us into your home.  That is a responsibility we do not take lightly, and our technicians reflect that.

No-Hassle Home HVAC Repair

Many competitors in our field view service calls as a sales opportunity.  Not Heartland.  Our technicians are arrive on time with the goal to repair your HVAC system, not to just sell you a new one.  There are times when Heartland HVAC technicians will recommend replacement over repair, but not until they have done everything they can to repair your existing equipment and laying out options for both scenarios.

No Matter The Residential HVAC Repair, Heartland Is Here For Your Home

There are very few residential HVAC repair services we do not provide.  If the equipment heats or cools your home, there is a great chance we can fix it.  Whether your furnace stops working in freezing cold temperature or your AC unit shuts down in the middle of July, you can depend on Heartland to get the job done.

HVAC System Repair

When it comes to HVAC system repair, Heartland services all makes and models of HVAC equipment.  No matter the brand or the equipment type, Heartland technicians are trained and experienced on how to repair it.  Schedule your HVAC system repair today by calling us at (618) 684-4328.

HVAC Vent Repair

HVAC vent repair is often an art.  A skill set that is acquired over years of designing custom ductwork.  When you hire Heartland for HVAC vent repair, you are hiring a full service mechanical shop that has built their name in designing both residential and commercial duct systems.  Our technicians are able to pinpoint inefficiencies in your HVAC vent system and provide customized solutions designed specifically to the architecture of your home.  Schedule HVAC vent repair today by calling our office at (618) 684-4328.

Schedule A HVAC Service Today

Heartland currently has professional HVAC repair technicians on standby ready to provide you 5-star service.  If you are experiencing any type of residential HVAC problems, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We are here to help.  To schedule HVAC system repair, call our office today at (618) 684-4328 or fill out a form online by clicking the "Schedule Repair" button below.