When you have an older home that needs a ductless heating system, many people turn to boilers. Boilers are tried and tested HVAC systems that are known for their efficiency and versatility. When it comes to installing a boiler, either because you’re looking for a new kind of heating system or replacing your current boiler, talk to the experienced technicians at Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing. We provide boiler installation services in Murphysboro and Carbondale Illinois and the surrounding area. Learn more about boiler installation and then talk to Heartland to upgrade the system in your home.

How Does a Boiler Work?

A boiler is different from a furnace because a furnace circulates air around your home, whereas a boiler uses hot water to heat your home. Instead of air ducts like a furnace has, boilers use pipes and radiators to distribute heat.

As the water runs through the tubes, it heats up the cool air and produces steam. The steam and the warm air circulate through the system and through a series of baseboard grates or radiators. These radiators are often located on the floor or low to the ground. The water then cycles back to the boiler and is pressurized and heated again. 

Boilers can be used with radiators to heat the air, while some boilers can circulate warm water beneath your floor to create radiant-heated floors. Some combination boilers can also use the hot water from the boiler as a water heater for your plumbing fixtures.



Signs You Need to Replace Your Boiler

Like any HVAC system, it will not last forever. Boilers are known to last 15-20 years, and some can last longer than that if they’ve been properly maintained and repaired. However, if your boiler is around 15 years old and you’re experiencing issues like any of the following, then it might be time to replace your boiler. 

The Unit is Rattling

Your boiler should be fairly quiet. While you may hear it operating, it often sounds like white noise. Loud, obnoxious noises are not normal and should be addressed. If your unit is rattling, grinding, or bubbling while in operation, your boiler is in need of repairs or potential replacement. Boilers may also rattle if they are not placed on a flat surface. Ensure your surface is flat and level prior to having a boiler installed.

No Longer Running Efficiently

Higher than normal energy bills are a common sign that your heating system is struggling to perform. When your boiler works properly and you haven’t made any big changes to your usage, then your heating bills should stay the same. Sudden large spikes in usage are big red flags. If you’ve had your boiler repaired recently and you’re still receiving high energy bills, upgrading your boiler will help lower your heating bills back to comfortable levels. 

The Boiler Has a Serious Leak

While your boiler may use water or other types of liquid to heat your home, you should never see this liquid. It should remain in your boiler. If a puddle has accumulated under your boiler, you need to have your unit looked at. Minor leaks may be repairable, while major leaks may warrant a boiler replacement. If you are unsure if the water is coming from the boiler or from condensation, feel the outside of the unit during the coldest part of the night. If the moisture is caused by condensation, your unit will feel sweaty or have moisture beads on it.

Strange Odors

Noticing an odd smell like dirty socks could mean that your boiler has mold and mildew growing somewhere within the system. A rotten egg smell is a sign of a gas leak, and you should turn off your boiler right away along with any other gas-using appliances. Try to find the source of the leak and then call for help. If the boiler is the source of the leak, it is not safe and you will need to get it replaced. 


Financing from Heartland Makes A New Boiler convenient

A new heating system is a large expense and one that should be made with careful consideration. It’s not worth putting off insufficient heat in your home as this could have dangerous repercussions. When you need a new boiler installed fast, but are unable to cover the whole cost immediately, talk to Heartland. 

Heartland offers flexible financing options for customers who qualify. Our team works with each homeowner to establish what their lending goals are and helps them secure the financing they need to have reliable heat in their home. Certain customers may even be able to qualify for HVAC financing. Talk to our team to see how we can help you get a new heating system today while paying over time for your Carbondale area home. 


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