Home air conditioning is what we do!  Our team is filled with years of experience to help maintain, repair or replace your air conditioning system.  We often compare indoor air as the circulatory system of your home, and your air conditioner is the beating heart, distributing the cool air inside.  So when your air conditioning is not working properly, everything inside the home can feel out of sorts.  At Heartland, we are dedicated to making sure that does not happen, and in the event it does, we are here to fix it fast.

Air Conditioning Installation

The air conditioner is the baseline of home comfort.  A traditional split system consists of an outdoor unit that handles the transfer of heat and the indoor unit that circulates the air in your home. Typically paired with a furnace to provide heat in the winter, an air conditioner can also be installed as an independent system if the building already has a different means of heat such as a boiler.

When looking at cooling equipment, the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) value is the primary measure to watch.  However, features such as staging and variable-speed compressors can increase energy savings beyond just what a SEER rating lists. We offer a full line of whole-home air conditioning units so you can find the ideal equipment that suits your home.

Experienced AC Installation Technicians That Take Pride In Their Work

Most AC installation jobs often require the same step by step process.  However, there are times when the scope of work can require additional construction.  A prime example of this is having to replace or repair air ducts.

Our installation teams are fantastic at working under these circumstances.  Experience plays a huge role.  Our AC installers have years of experience in the HVAC industry.  It has created a culture within our office where low quality craftsmanship is not tolerated.  When you choose to work with Heartland, you should expect high quality AC installation from talented and experienced installers.

Air Conditioning Replacement Without The Sales Gimmicks

If you are like most consumers today, you have already read a good amount of online reviews on AC installation companies.  A common trend you will likely pick up on is the sales process often imployed by some.  At Heartland, we truly believe the customer is always right.  If you decide to replace your air conditioning system, it is not going to be because one of our comfort consultants pressured you into it.  Our philosophy is simple.  We provide you the necessary information in order for you, the customer, to make an informed decision for what is best for your home.

Cool down efficiently with a Carrier Infinity® Air Conditioner in Southern Illinois.

Heartland is the preferred Carrier® AC Dealer in the Carbondale area. Carrier air conditioning units provide a cool balance between efficiency, performance and affordability.  Carrier® offers a variety of different AC units that give customers the opportunity to choose the best fit for their home.  If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit, we highly recommend considering a Carrier®.  Schedule a free in-home estimate on a new Carrier® AC condenser today by calling our office at (618) 684-4328.
Carrier Infinity Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Repair

Let's face it, air conditioning repair is never fun.  It is almost always an unanticipated expense for homeowners who are often stuck in a hot home during a time of the year they are avoiding the heat outdoors.  Our team, from the front office staff to technicians in the field, are dedicated to getting your air conditioner back up and running as soon as possible.  We understand the inconvenience that comes along with having your air conditioner break and are committed to helping fix the problem, not become part of it.  If you are in need of air conditioning repair, give us a call at (618) 684-4328.  We will have your AC back up and running in no time.

24 Hour AC Repair

Having your AC unit go out after hours can only compound an already difficult scenario.  We are also finding that due to many homes having two working adults, AC problems are not even noticed until one gets off work.  By that time, many AC repair companies are already closed.  Not Heartland.  We offer 24/7 AC repair services for homeowners.  If you are in need of after hours AC repair services, give us a call at (618) 684-4328 and we will have someone out there as soon as possible.  No matter the time or day.

Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Rates

Price gouging customers in desperate times is just wrong.  Plain and simple.  Our heating and air conditioning repair rates are fair and transparent.  After diagnosing the source of the repair, we consult with all our customers on the issue and how much it will cost to fix.  Our technicians will not start repairing it until you have given us approval to do so.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Over the seven plus decades we have been servicing air conditioners in the Carbondale area, we can fully attest that the homeowners we provide annual air conditioner maintenance for often call us less for repairs.  Routine air conditioner maintenance is essential to extending the life of your heating and cooling system and maintaining high comfort performance levels.  It drastically reduces the chance of your AC unit breaking during months when hot temperatures are putting more stress on the equipment.

Receive Annual Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance With Our Heart Of The Home Club Membership

We often receive feedback from customers stating they meant to schedule an AC maintenance tune up but forgot.  Which is completely understandable.  Life can be very hectic.  Your air conditioning system is seldomly top-of-mind until it stops working.

Heartland offers an amazing preventative maintenance program that is designed to make annual AC maintenance easy.  Homeowners can simply sign up and we will do the rest.  Our office staff will contact you on your ideal contact method, every Spring and Fall to schedule your maintenance check.  Members of our Heart of the Home Club also receive a variety of perks such as:

  • Biannual Maintenance Checks
  • Priority Scheduling For HVAC Repairs
  • Free Furnace Filters (1 Each Spring & Fall)
  • No Overtime Fees on After Hour Service Calls
  • 15% Discount On Parts & Labor For Emergency Service

The annual cost to join our Heart of the Home Club is $195 a year.  If you have multiple properties or systems that need maintenance, it's only $175 for each additional system.  Call us today at (618) 684-4328 to get started.

$99 Home AC Tune Up

For homeowners just looking for an AC tune up, we offer a $99 special for one-time AC clean and checks.  Our technicians will come out and inspect the current status of your air conditioning equipment and provide you a full assessment.  Schedule your $99 AC tune up today by calling our office at (618) 684-4328.

Schedule Air Conditioning Service Today

Whether you are looking for air conditioning replacement, installation, repair service or maintenance, Heartland has you covered.  Our team is on standby to help you with all your air conditioning needs.  Schedule air conditioning service today by calling us at (618) 684-4328 or by filling out the online forms below.