Radiant Heating

With energy costs on the rise, many homeowners are changing the way they heat their homes in Carbondale, IL, and the surrounding areas. Instead of a standard forced-air system that uses baseboard heaters and/or a furnace, homeowners are now starting to heat their homes with a radiant heating system. 

Radiant heating systems are growing in popularity. Discover why many homeowners are ditching baseboard heaters and furnaces from their traditional heating systems and choosing to go with a radiant heating system that is more cost-effective and energy efficient.

How Do Radiant Flooring Heating Systems Work? 

Unlike forced-air heating systems that push warm air out through a furnace or baseboard heater, radiant heating systems heat a home using heat transfer. A series of electric heating coils or water-heated tubing is installed under the floor. When you turn the system on, warm water is pushed through the tubes or the coils heat up. Over time, the floor starts to heat up from the warmth of the water or wiring. 

The heat from the floor radiates upwards. Anything that comes into contact with the floor will start to warm up. By warming up objects in the room, the room will reach its desired temperature faster which cuts down on energy costs.

Benefits of Installing Radiant Floor Heating in Your Home

Energy efficiency is just one of many benefits you will receive when you choose to install a radiant heating system in your home. The following are examples of some of the benefits of radiant heating. 

Consistent Comfort Levels 

Temperatures in a home that is heated with radiant heating tend to be more consistent and even. Radiant heating systems are able to deliver consistent temperature throughout a room or home because hot air rises. The heat travels directly upwards from the floor. Over time, the whole room reaches a single consistent temperature. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality 

Dust and allergens commonly accumulate in a home’s ductwork. With a forced-air heating system when it is turned on, dust or allergens are pushed out into the air. If too much dust or allergens get in the air, it can make it difficult to breathe. This doesn’t happen with radiant heating systems.

No ductwork is involved with radiant heating systems. This means the air in your home is cleaner and fresher because it doesn’t have as many allergens or dust in it. 

Better Energy Efficiency 

Radiant heating systems are more energy efficient because they don’t rely upon ductwork. By providing direct heat to the room, there is less heat loss. By reducing heat loss, the room reaches its desired temperature faster, and the system can shut down or idle which helps save energy. 


The panels used with radiant heating can be customized to fit any style of flooring. Whether your home has carpet, stone, tile, laminate, or concrete, a radiant heating system can be installed. 

Saves Space 

With radiant heating, homeowners do not have to worry about large wall-mounted radiators. By eliminating wall-mounted radiators, homeowners can free up space in their homes.

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