Benton, IL Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Benton, IL

If you’re renovating a room like a garage or an attic, and you're trying to avoid the costly process of adding ductwork, you might find it hard to find a heating and cooling solution for this area. Newly finished rooms, along with other rooms that might not be connected to ductwork like bonus rooms, rooms over garages, sunrooms, or workshops also are hard to heat or cool. 

In all of these scenarios, a ductless mini-split HVAC system could be the perfect solution. Ductless mini splits are efficient and convenient HVAC systems that can efficiently heat or cool just one room or multiple rooms in your home.

If you're in Benton, IL, and looking to have a ductless mini split installed for the first time, or you simply want to learn more about them, get in touch with the friendly and professional heating, air, and plumbing technicians at Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing today. We take pride in serving the residents of the Benton, IL area for over four decades, considering them our friends and neighbors.

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How Does a Ductless Mini Split Work?

One essential aspect of ductless mini splits is that they operate solely on electricity, eliminating the need for ductwork to heat and cool homes. Traditional duct systems suffer from "duct loss," where heating or cooling is lost as it passes through cracks and holes in the ducts. By removing the duct system, the efficiency of the HVAC system improves significantly. Ductless mini splits consist of an outdoor compressor and one or more indoor air handling units mounted on walls. The indoor unit contains a fan, an evaporator coil, and a small refrigerant line that connects to the outside unit. This unit can be either an air conditioning unit or a heat pump. 

If you connect your mini-split to a heat pump system, it can both heat and cool your space. During the summer, the refrigerant circulates through the indoor unit's evaporator coil, absorbing heat from the indoor air. The warmed refrigerant is then expelled from your home, and the cooled air is blown back into the room by the fan. When used for heating, the refrigerant is heated from the outdoor air, and the heated coils warm the indoor air. Each air handler can be manually adjusted or controlled from a central thermostat. 

If your heat pump is attached to an air conditioner, it will only cool an area. This is an ideal situation for sun rooms and other rooms that are often warm enough in the winter but are sweltering in the summer. 

Common Applications for Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits are versatile and suitable for various applications, including:

Bonus Rooms Over Garages

These rooms can be tricky to heat and cool due to poor insulation and design. A ductless HVAC system is an ideal solution, being more efficient than a window unit and more aesthetically pleasing.

Finishing Existing Spaces

For garages, workshops, attics, and basements, without existing ductwork, installing a ductless mini split is a quick and cost-effective way to make these spaces more comfortable year-round.

New Additions

When you add a new room to your existing home and don’t account for new ductwork, it can be an expensive fix after the construction project is completed. Sunrooms are common additions that are often too hot in the summer to be enjoyed because of their plentiful windows. A ductless mini-split can make this area much more enjoyable. 

The Entire Home

Though less common, ductless mini splits can be used to heat and cool entire homes. By connecting up to eight indoor air handling units to the outside unit, you can create temperature zones for enhanced comfort and efficiency.

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini Split

Apart from their versatility in installation, ductless mini-split systems offer several other benefits, such as:

  • Reduced Energy Costs - These systems can lead to up to a 50% reduction in heating costs compared to traditional systems, as they don't rely on fuel for heating.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality - Ductwork can accumulate dust, dirt, bugs, and other contaminants, affecting indoor air quality. When you have a family member that is sick, the air in their zone won’t circulate throughout the house, preventing the spread of disease. 
  • Faster Installation - The absence of ductwork makes ductless mini splits quicker and easier to install.
  • Zoned Heating or Cooling - With each indoor air handling unit independently controlled, family members can set the temperature in their rooms according to their preferences, leading to potential energy savings.
  • Safety - A window air conditioning unit risks falling if not secured properly, or it can be forced out to create an entry point into your home. A ductless mini-split is mounted to an interior wall and the connection to the outdoor unit is very small making it impossible for a potential intruder to use it to gain access to your home. 


Get Your Ductless Mini Split Installed in Benton, IL

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