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How Long Do Central Air Conditioners Last?

Air conditioning repair bills can add up quickly, especially with an unreliable unit. It’s not abnormal to need one repair in a season, but if you’ve had multiple breakdowns, you might wonder if it’s worth it to call the HVAC company for another repair or have them install a new unit.

If you’re curious about how long central air conditioners last before you finally give up on your unit, the Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing team have the answers.

If this is the first time you’ve needed air conditioning repairs, it doesn’t always mean your system is on its last legs. AC repairs are often quick and easy, and your home is returned to its normal comfort levels again. However, the longer you wait to make these repairs, the worse it could damage your unit.

What is the Average Life Expectancy of an Air Conditioner?

Appliances don’t last forever, and air conditioning systems are no exception. You can usually expect central air conditioning units to last between 15-20 years. However, that is just an average. Some systems will last longer than others; some won’t last nearly as long. Many factors could influence the lifespan of your system.

If you feel like your system is older than 10-15 years and it’s experiencing any of the following issues, it could be time to replace it.

  • Short cycling. This is when your system turns on and off multiple times without cooling your home. Short cycling is common in older systems but still should be addressed if it is often happening.
  • High energy bills. As your AC unit ages, it will become more inefficient, which could lead to higher cooling costs. A new system will be much more efficient as it has updated and has improved technologies.
  • Low airflow. If your system is not cooling your home at all, or you cannot feel any cool air coming from your vents, it could be time to replace it.
  • High humidity. An air conditioner system that fails to dehumidify commonly means that it’s leaking refrigerant or having compressor issues. Compressors are costly to replace, and it might be more worthwhile to replace your whole system instead.

What Can I Do To Extend The Life of my Central Air Conditioning System?

Central air conditioning systems are a significant investment, so you want to ensure that yours lasts as long as possible. You can help your system in several ways, so it lasts the entire 15 years or even longer!

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter keeps contaminants from entering your system. However, it can get clogged up with dust and debris very quickly. A standard recommendation is to replace your filters every 90 days to keep your system running smoothly. Some air filters may need to be replaced more than this, so it’s a good idea to check on them at least once a month to see how full they are. Air filters help with air flow to your system to reduce stress. Replacing air filters regularly can help your system thrive.

Regular Maintenance

Your central air conditioning system should be maintained annually. An HVAC technician will clean your unit and fix any possible problems before they become much worse. This can help reduce sudden breakdowns and the need for emergency repairs. Ensure you are working with a trusted company as maintenance performed poorly can create issues.

Seal Drafts and Cracks

Your ductwork expands and contracts with the temperature. Over time, all this flexing and shrinking can cause holes and cracks to develop. Have your ducts inspected, repaired, and sealed to help keep your system running efficiently, so the cool air from your AC goes into your home and doesn’t escape through your attic.

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Talk to Heartland About Any AC Problems You’re Experiencing

Whether you’re dealing with frequent repairs on your HVAC systems and want them to end, or you want to replace your whole cooling system, turn to the Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing team for all your air conditioning needs and questions.

We can come to your home and inspect your HVAC unit and let you know how much longer you can expect out of your air conditioner. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.