Marion, IL Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation in Marion, IL

Summers in Marion, IL are hot, and having a quality air conditioning unit is essential for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing is here to help you make a smart purchasing decision so you can select the best air conditioning option for your home to keep you and your family comfortable for years to come. Contact Heartland today for air conditioning installation in Marion, IL.

Factors to Consider When Shopping For A New Air Conditioner

Choosing a new AC unit can be a big decision since the average air conditioner can last well over a decade with proper maintenance. When selecting a new AC unit for your Marion, IL home, there are a few different factors to take into account:

Size of Your Home

Of course, one major factor to keep in mind when choosing an air conditioning unit for installation is the size of your home. In general, air conditioning units need to be fitted to your home’s square footage.  If the unit is too big, it won’t run regular cycles, and the cycle won’t be long enough to adequately remove humidity from the air. On the other hand, if the system is too small, it will provide insufficient cooling and suffer from a shorter lifespan.

SEER Rating

The SEER rating, or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a rating of how the air conditioning unit’s cooling output when compared to its power consumption. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the unit is. This efficiency directly impacts how well the system cools your home. While air conditioning units with higher SEER ratings may be on the more expensive side, savings on utilities can balance out that initial expense.

Noise Levels

You have a choice for how loud or quiet your air conditioning unit is. This could greatly depend on where your current system is located. If your new air conditioner will go outside your bedroom window, you might want to consider a quiet model, but a louder, more affordable model would probably be fine if it's located on the opposite side of the house from any bedrooms. 

Time Of Year

The best time to start the air conditioning replacement process is in the fall or winter when air conditioners are not in high demand. If you choose to replace your air conditioner in the summer when it dies, you might find yourself not only uncomfortable for a few days while you wait for your new cooling system to be installed, but you might also find it much more expensive than you expected. It’s best to replace your air conditioner in the off-season and on your terms. This way, if you are without air conditioning for a few days, at least it will be more likely that temperatures will be comfortable enough for you to not need it. 


When to Replace Your Existing Air Conditioner Unit

Here are some signs that your air conditioner has run its course:

Your Unit is More Than 10 Years Old

As they get older, air conditioning units naturally tend to get less efficient over time. With regular maintenance, your average air conditioning unit lasts somewhere between 10-15 years before it breaks down. Additionally, the typical air conditioning warranty generally expires after 10 years. After the warranty expires, it may no longer be worth it to keep repairing the same HVAC system. Instead, consider using that money toward the purchase of a new system.

Your Energy Bills are Higher than Usual

Are your energy bills rising? It could be a sign that your air conditioning unit is past its prime. As air conditioning systems age, they inevitably become less efficient, requiring more power consumption and driving up the cost of running them. While it may seem like a large initial cost, new air conditioners can help pay for themselves with lower utility bills in the long run.

Unit Still Uses R-22 Freon

Older air conditioners used to use R-22 freon, but it was found that this refrigerant causes damage to the environment. Newer systems use a different kind of refrigerant, making R-22 very expensive to replace if your system is leaking. Upgrading to a new system will be beneficial for your wallet and the environment.

Expensive To Repair

Needing an air conditioning repair once a season isn’t abnormal, but if you need more than 3 repairs a season, they can start adding up. It might be more cost-effective to replace your air conditioning unit rather than continue to repair it. Talk to your HVAC technician to see what kind of repairs need to be done. Certain components, plus labor, might make replacement more affordable than going through with the repair. 

How to Finance Your Air Conditioning Installation

At Heartland, we understand that installing a new air conditioning unit or replacing an old one can be a serious financial decision, and not everyone has the ability to pay out of pocket. Fortunately, we offer financing options for customers with approved credit. Refer to our financing page to see how we can help.


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