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Marion, IL Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation in Marion, IL

Many families that are building a new home want to make sure that their home is energy efficient to help improve their impact on the environment. Installing an energy-efficient HVAC system is a great way to lower your home’s energy demands. An air source heat pump is a great option for new home builds in Southern Illinois.

Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing is proud to provide heat pump installation service in Marion, IL, and throughout the surrounding area. Our team can match you with a unit that will meet your home’s specific comfort needs. Whether you are choosing an HVAC system for your brand new home,  looking to switch your current HVAC system to a heat pump, or are looking to replace your existing heat pump system with a newer model, you can count on the team at Heartland to provide you with the best service possible.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

To keep your Marion home warm, the pump draws heat from the outside air and redistributes it indoors. Conversely, when you desire a cooler indoor environment, the pump removes warm air from the inside and expels it outside. It does this by transferring heat from outside the home to inside the house through ducts, fans, and other components. 

The efficiency of your heat pump may be influenced by your house or commercial property's size, with larger spaces potentially requiring more effort to reach the desired temperature. You can also pair a heat pump with a ductless mini-split for additional energy savings and custom temperature controls for different zones in your home. 


Signs That You Need a New Heat Pump

Like any heating and cooling system, heat pumps will need to be replaced eventually. These are some of the most common signs that you should start considering heat pump replacement services. 

The Pump is More Than 10 Years Old

If it's been over a decade since you installed your pump, now might be a suitable time to consider a replacement. While it's not necessary to replace the pump exactly at the 10-year mark, an aging pump may become less efficient. An HVAC technician from Heartland can tell you how old your Marion home’s heat pump is. 

Home Cannot Reach the Set Temperature

When your heat pump struggles consistently to reach the set temperature on your thermostat, call Heartland for heat pump repair services. We’ll be able to diagnose and repair the problem. It could be an issue with either your thermostat or heat pump. Our team will be able to pinpoint the cause. 

Your Energy Bills Keep Rising

A smoothly running heat pump should maintain consistent energy bills throughout the year. However, if you notice significant increases in your energy costs outside of extreme weather or rate changes from your electric company, have your system inspected. We may find that your heat pump is experiencing issues and may need to be replaced. 

The Pump is Noisier Than Usual

An essential mechanical principle is minimizing unnecessary noise. If your heat pump starts producing unusual sounds like rumbling, squealing, or whining, there may be underlying issues. Such noises should prompt you to schedule an immediate inspection.

How Can I Afford A New Heat Pump?

Now that you’re interested in installing a heat pump in your home, you may be surprised to learn that it can cost more than other HVAC systems. While this may deter you from investing in a new system, it’s important to remember that heat pumps are much more energy efficient than other HVAC systems, which results in significant cost savings on heating and cooling bills. The future energy savings can outweigh the cost of heat pump installation services.

Heartland also offers flexible financing options for those who qualify, which can make the installation process for a heat pump system much easier. We can install a heat pump in your home while you make monthly payments. You can start reaping the benefits sooner than if you wanted to save up the money to buy the unit outright.

Our financing team can also help you to see if you qualify for federal tax credits for installing a new energy-efficient heat pump system. This can make the switch to a heat pump much more appealing. Talk to Heartland today to see what incentives you qualify for. 

Let Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing Handle Your Marion, IL Heat Pump Installation

Now that you know all about how heat pumps work and the benefits they provide to your home, it’s time to have one installed in your Marion, IL home. Call Heartland today for an estimate on heat pump installation today to start improving your home’s energy efficiency.