Gas Furnaces

Heat your home efficiently in Southern Illinois.

Our gas furnaces are some of the most reliable around.No matter what type of fuel you have available, we have a furnace fit for you. Carrier® offers a range of furnaces that can utilize propane, natural gas, oil or straight electricity.

When most people are looking to warm up during the winter they rely on the trusty gas furnace. Whether the fuel is natural gas or propane, the gas furnace uses the time-tested method of fire to heat your home. Gas furnaces have been consistently increasing in efficiency, and we now offer models that provide efficiencies up to 98%. That means 98¢ of every dollar you spend on the fuel for your furnace goes toward actual heat, and not waste going out the vent pipe.

There are many cases when traditional fuels like propane and natural gas are not available. Even if that is the case, a traditional-style furnace is still an option. Rather than burning fuel and using a flame to generate heat, electric furnaces use electric resistance, like many smaller, portable room heaters, just on a larger scale. While often costing a bit more to run compared to gas furnaces and heat pump options, electric furnaces are generally easier to maintain and are available in more applications.

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is an industry standard for comparing the efficiency fuel-burning furnaces and heating systems. Represented as a percentage, a higher number means a more efficient furnace. This rating is often described as how much money is going out the flue instead of heating the home. For instance, with an 80% system, $0.20 of every dollar spent on fuel goes out the vent. This of course means that getting a higher AFUE system will allow for more effective use of the dollars you put toward heating your home.

Carrier Furnaces and Hybrid Heat

Carrier gas furnaces can be used together with a Carrier heat pump to create a Carrier Hybrid Heat™ system. In this configuration electric is utilized as the primary fuel by implementing the outside Heat Pump as the heat source for the majority of the winter. When outside temperatures fall below freezing the gas furnace is utilized to provide the heat needed to maintain the desired set point in your home. This results in a greater percentage of heat for your home to be derived from electric. Electric is normally the less expensive utility in winter months. Most importantly it allows YOU to have control over which utility you use as the primary heat source for your home. If electricity rates skyrocket, we can tune your Hybrid Heat system to use the gas furnace more, and the electric heat pump less. When gas prices rise, we can do the opposite.

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