West Frankfort, IL Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Services In West Frankfort, IL

The need for heat on the coldest day of the winter season puts a lot of stress on your furnace. If your furnace isn’t working properly, this extra stress can cause it to break more. Whenever you notice something off about your furnace, it’s important to get it fixed right away. Little issues can turn into big problems which can cause you to be uncomfortable and without heat. Being without heat is never a good idea. You’ll be uncomfortable, but also you run the risk of having your pipes freeze and burst. Water damage can be much more expensive than a simple call to Heartland Heating Air and Plumbing for furnace repair services. 

If your furnace isn’t working properly, schedule furnace repair services in West Frankfort, IL with Heartland. You can trust us for all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. If you haven’t experienced the Heartland difference, give us a call today to find out why we’ve been trusted in southern Illinois since 1946.

Beware of These West Frankfort, IL Heating Repair Signs

Furnaces in homes and businesses can develop various types of problems that make them operate less efficiently and cost you more money, including:

  • Poor temperature control
  • High energy bills
  • Excessive noise
  • Odd odors

Let's examine each of these issues more closely.

Poor Temperature Control

If you notice that your home has certain spaces that are not as warm as others, it could indicate that your furnace’s blower motor is beginning to malfunction, or that there's an issue with your ductwork. Call us today and we’ll send one of our trained and certified HVAC technicians to perform a complete system assessment, offer honest advice, and take care of any necessary repairs you may need.

High Energy Bills

An inefficient furnace can drive up your monthly utility bills to the point where it's no longer feasible to repair it. There comes a point where furnace replacement is necessary even though there are initial costs to incur. You'll be able to make up those costs with significant savings on your monthly heating bills.

Excessive Noise

It's typical for a furnace to make sounds when it cycles off or on, but you should not be hearing metallic clicking, banging, whirring, or other strange noises emanating from the unit. Odd noises from your furnace could indicate various possible problems, including early-stage blower motor malfunction, improper tension on the fan belt, or substandard installation of your ductwork. One of our professional HVAC technicians can properly assess the situation, and offer you truthful advice about your best alternatives.

Odd Odors

Old heating systems tend to accumulate dust, dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other contaminants that can end up circulating through your ventilation system. If you notice any stinky or odd odors emanating from your furnace or ducting, turn off your furnace and call for service immediately. These odors are not only embarrassing, but they can also cause poor indoor air quality, which can make you and your family sick. 


Repair or Replacement – Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing Can Help

Furnaces tend to last 15-20 years. If your furnace is younger than that, more often than not, furnace repairs should be affordable and restore your home to a comfortable temperature quickly. Whether your furnace is old or new, it’s good to know that you have a dependable partner to help take care of your heating system throughout its lifetime. Call us if you need any of the following services:

  • Furnace Replacement – Furnaces fail all the time. But if you need a new furnace fast to keep your home warm, talk to Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing about furnace replacement services. We can remove your old furnace and replace it with a new model that will heat your home reliably for years. 

  • Furnace Installation – Are you building a new home or looking for a new heating system? Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing can help with furnace installation services. We’ll walk you through the furnace buying process to find a new heating system that is sized correctly and will efficiently heat your home. 

  • Furnace Maintenance – Want to prevent the need for furnace repairs and get the most out of your current system? Annual furnace maintenance from Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing can help keep your system running efficiently and catch potential issues before they turn into major problems. You should have maintenance done every year before the heating season.

Regular Maintenance Can Help Extend Your Furnace’s Lifespan

While it's true that every furnace has a given lifespan, routine repairs and maintenance will help your furnace live its best and longest life. It’s important to make sure you address furnace issues as they arise and to schedule maintenance every year. 

We understand that addressing the need for furnace repairs can get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. After all, you're busy providing for and ensuring the safety and health of your family. It's OK, we have you covered! That’s why Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing offers a hassle-free, affordable and preventative maintenance program. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of preventative tune-ups at the ideal time of year. We’ll call you to schedule your appointment. There’s no need to try to remember to contact us. Members also receive priority emergency repair services and 15% discount on repair parts and labor. Just reach out to our friendly and helpful team today to enroll in this beneficial program.

Trust Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing for All Your Furnace Repair Needs in West Frankfort, IL

Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing not only provides inspections and repairs with unbeatable expertise, but we also offer cost-effective solutions. Our licensed technicians are knowledgeable in all matters related to furnaces and will guarantee safety as well as reliable performance throughout winter months. No matter what brand or model you own, Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing has you covered with our extensive range of services. Call Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing in West Frankfort, IL for quality furnace repair services today.