Furnace Repair Services In Herrin, IL

The winter weather is brutal in Herrin, IL, and this means you will need to have a reliable furnace repair company ready to take your call if your furnace suddenly breaks down. Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing has been a reliable HVAC provider in Herrin, IL, and the surrounding area since 1946 and has built a reputation with hard work and dedication to every customer served. When you need your furnace repaired, Heartland will handle the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Choosing a Repair Over a Replacement of Your Furnace

Your furnace won't last forever, but there are a number of reasons to choose a repair over a replacement. When the repair is small or covered under warranty, it's worth the effort to try and repair your existing furnace.

As the system gets older, it will become less efficient. Good maintenance will help to improve efficiency and keep your current furnace in excellent shape for a number of years. When the problem isn't a big deal, repair always makes sense. You will want to take into consideration how old the furnace is, whether the repair is under warranty and whether the repair is going to fully fix the problem.

Never try to repair your furnace yourself, as you may cause worse issues. The experienced HVAC technicians at Heartland can repair your furnace quickly. They're happy to answer any questions you may have about your heating system. Many people don't know how old their furnace is. One of our technicians can figure that out for you and let you know about the condition of your furnace, and how much longer you can expect it to last.

When to Call for Herrin, IL Furnace Repair

Once the weather is freezing, you want to keep your home warm enough that your pipes don't freeze. If you come home and the heat is off, this can quickly turn into a heating emergency if the temperatures are going to dip below freezing that night. If you are relying on your furnace daily to keep you warm, you don't want to ignore problems with how the furnace is running. Call for furnace repair when:

  • There's no heat coming from your vents
  • The furnace isn't heating the house to the set temperature
  • You hear banging noises when the furnace is on
  • You can't get your furnace to turn on
  • Energy bills are through the roof to keep your house warm

Some problems you will notice immediately, such as no heat in the home and other issues, will make an impact over time. Take a look at your utility bill from the previous year to see if you are using more energy to keep your home warm. Excessive energy usage indicates that your furnace is no longer efficient and is struggling to keep your home warm enough.

Annual Furnace Maintenance in Herrin, IL

Your furnace will need to be serviced every year to ensure the furnace is ready for the hard work of keeping you warm every winter. When a technician comes for annual maintenance, they will look for any repairs that are needed to keep your furnace running well. The furnace will be carefully cleaned, and the efficiency will be tested. 

If you wait to have your annual maintenance done, you can end up needing emergency repairs more often. Good maintenance will save you money over time, and it is worth the investment to have routine service on your furnace each year. If you haven't had your furnace serviced this season, contact Heartland for a technician to come and take care of your furnace. Identify needed repairs, and get your furnace ready to heat your home this winter.

Why Choose Heartland in Herrin, IL

Your furnace can last for 15-20 years with quality maintenance and repairs throughout the years. Heartland works with high-quality technicians to give you the services you need to keep your furnace running well. 

Whether you need a quick repair or you're experiencing a heating emergency, call the team at Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing right away for quality furnace repairs in Herrin, IL.