It seems like it's so hard to find an HVAC and plumbing company that you can trust in the Herrin, IL area. It would be especially awful if the furnace stopped working in your home, making your house so cold that your pipes burst. Who would you call in this situation?

You could make one call to the professional HVAC and plumbing team at Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing. We have a team with extensive experience and the certifications to tackle any heating, cooling, or plumbing problem. Keep reading to learn more about the variety of services we offer to our customers in Herrin, IL

Plumbing Services in Herrin, IL

Plumbing problems might be something you are willing to solve yourself, but you probably don’t have the necessary tools needed, which could be expensive. Also, many plumbing projects can get messy fast. When you're in need of plumbing assistance, save yourself the trouble, and call Heartland instead. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems we deal with:

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Clogs commonly build up in drains and it’s important to remove them right away before they get too big and cause the drain pipe to burst. Call Heartland for drain cleaning services and repairs to remove the clog from the drain to prevent a bigger issue from forming down the road. 

Faucet Repair and Installation

Leaky faucets can waste a lot of water, drive your water bills up, and drive you nuts with its non stop dripping noises. Talk to Heartland about comprehensive faucet repair. If its determined that a new, more efficient faucet is the better option, Heartland can install it for you too. 

Sewer Line Inspections, Cleaning, and Repair

If the sewer line on your property ruptures, the homeowner is responsible for fixing it. At Heartland, we have a special tool to inspect sewer lines and clean them to prevent them from rupturing. Oftentimes new homebuyers trust their home inspector to inspect the sewer lines, but most home inspections do not cover this part of the property. Call Heartland for a sewer inspection before you buy a new home. 

Toilet Installation and Repair

When a toilet overflows, there’s no need to panic or be embarrassed. It happens to everyone, and our plumbers have seen it all. Fixing and replacing toilets can be a messy job that's best left to a team of professionals. 


Homes older than 50 years old may have galvanized steel piping that might be starting to corrode. Repiping is when you have a plumber replace all the old pipes in your home with modern plumbing. If you notice leaks or odd plumbing issues in your old home, talk to one of our plumbing experts to see if your home needs repiping done. 

Sump Pump

Sump pumps are often in basements or crawl spaces and accessing them can sometimes be a messy job. Especially if you need your sump pump replaced. Stay clean and let our team do the dirty work for you. 

New Construction or Remodel

When building a new home or remodeling the kitchens and bathrooms in your current home will require some plumbing work to be done to install new faucets and other fixtures. Heartland can lay the pipes and install the fixtures in your new home to give it the right aesthetic feel that you're going for. 


Heating Services in Herrin, IL

Did you know that not every home in Herrin, IL relies on a gas furnace for heat? While many people assume furnaces are the best option for heating their homes, there are actually many more energy efficient ways to make make your home comfortable. Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing offers comprehensive heating service repairs and installation for a variety of systems. 

Furnace Repair

Furnace on the fritz? Make a service call to Heartland right away for a quick response to your furnace repair needs. Our team has vast expertise in gas and electric furnace issues. There's no problem we can't solve. 

Furnace Installation

Replacing your furnace on your terms is key to saving a lot of money. Let the helpful team at Heartland show you some great heating options for your home and install your new unit as well. We offer a variety of brands to match your budget. Don't wait for your furnace to die to replace it. You could waste a lot of money on service calls and repairs until then. A new high-efficiency furnace unit will start saving energy and lower your heating costs right away. 

Heating System Tune Up

Regardless of which type of heating system you have in your home, you should have it inspected by a professional HVAC contractor every year in the fall. Regular maintenance can also help prevent unexpected breakdowns and save you money from future unexpected repair costs in the future. By the end of your service, your unit will be restored to its peak efficiency, which keeps your system energy efficient and your heating bills low

Radiant Heating

You may remember in science class that heat rises. When you heating source is in the floor, the heat will rise and warm the room effectively. Radiant heating is when coils under the floor generate heat that’s transferred to the rest of the house. Your floors will always be nice and warm. Plus, radiant heating helps with indoor air quality because no ductwork is required. 


While boilers may seem like an old-fashioned way of heating your home, they are incredibly efficient and long-lasting heating systems. Recent modern upgrades have made boilers even more efficient and some even double as water heaters. Heartland can provide boiler repairs, maintenance, and replacement services. 


Fun Fact: once you dig about 6-10 feet under the earth’s surface the temperature remains the same despite the air temperature or the weather. This constant heat is used as an energy source for geothermal heat pumps to provide both heating and cooling to your home. Because geothermal systems do not rely on natural gas for energy, this system is incredibly efficient. Contact Heartland Heating, Air and Cooling to learn more about geothermal heating. 

Cooling Services in Herrin, IL

Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing serve Southern Illinois including Herrin. We offer high-quality service to meet your cooling needs this Summer. Give us a call if you need any of these heating services performed: 

AC Repair

On a hot day, there’s nothing more you want than to escape into a cold out. But these refreshing dreams can be squashed if your air conditioner stops working. Call us right away for thorough air conditioner repairs. We can service air conditioning units of any brand. Call us for professional service and we'll get your home cool and comfortable again. 

AC Installation

The average air conditioning unit lasts about 15-20 years, but around the 10-year mark is when most system warranties run out. You may start to notice that your ac unit needs more frequent repairs, or it doesn't cool your home as well as it used to. Heartland can help you find the new air conditioner that's perfect for your home and install it for you. When your air conditioner is installed by a professional service technician, it will activate your new system’s warranty. 

AC Tune Up

Heartland Heating, Air, and Plumbing makes annual air conditioning tune ups easy because we offer a comprehensive $99 ac tune up. If that seems like a lot of money, think of it this way: That $99 is a lot cheaper than the air conditioning repairs because your unit wasn't tuned up before the hottest day of the year. When your tune up is over, your unit is running at peak efficiency so you'll save money on cooling bills. Without this tune up, you might be spending more than $99 to cool your house down with an inefficient system. Schedule your AC tune-up with Heartland this spring for reliable cooling all summer long. 

Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are a popular choice for heating and cooling in Herrin. For heat pump repairs, replacement, or maintenance service, call Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing. We’re your local heat pump experts. Don’t forget that you run your heat pump year long, you’ll need bi-annual maintenance services. Call to schedule your spring and fall maintenance with Heartland. 

Ductless Mini-Splits

Many of our customers love mini splits as an affordable heating and cooling option for a specific space, like a new addition, a converted garage, or a three-season room that is hard to get comfortable in. That’s because a mini split does not require any new ductwork to be installed. You can trust the team at Heartland for mini split installation and service. 

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Herrin, IL

When you make improvements to the indoor air quality of your home, the people dwelling inside the home aren’t the only people that benefit from improved air quality. Your HVAC system will reap the benefits too. Many of our indoor air quality systems help relieve the stress of your heating and cooling systems, so they last longer.

Air filters, air purification units, and air cleaning systems help protect your home from accumulating dust and debris. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers help stop the growth of mold and mildew which can grow inside your home and spread their spores throughout your home through your air duct system.

Call Heartland to provide an indoor air quality assessment in your home and we can help find the best indoor air quality solutions for your needs. Some of our indoor air quality services include: 

  • Air Filters
  • Air Cleaners
  • Air Purifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Ventilators

Trust Heartland Heating, Air & Plumbing in Herrin, IL


Heartland Heating, Air and Plumbing are your local HVAC and plumbing team. We’re here to help the Southern Illinois community including our friends in Herrin, IL. We’ve got the experienced team to tackle the heating, cooling, plumbing, and indoor air quality services your home needs. Contact us to schedule service today.